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At Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church, we believe service and outreach are vital for any community attempting to follow Christ. We hope to fill up with God’s love in order to spill it out into our community. We serve out of abundance, not obligation. In this process, we meet Christ in those we serve, and are open to the meaningful change that true relationship offers the sever and the served. This life-giving activity takes many forms at PRLC.

I want to Serve

We would love to have you help; most things you can start right away. Read below about how you can help, or print out our Ministry Opportunities brochure, also below. Get in touch with the office to find out how to take part: 206.783.2350 office@prlc.org

Opportunity Catalog 2017 [pdf]

Endowment Fund

PRLC is blessed to have a vital and growing Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund is governed by its own set of by-laws and an elected committee that is responsible for the oversight of the fund and the consideration of grant requests.

The purpose of the fund is to invest money received by the fund through donations and bequests which form the principal of the fund. The earnings or income generated by these investments provides money for grants to support non-budgetary ministries of the church.

Every January the amount of funds available for grants is determined based on the earnings of the previous four quarters (October through September). Read more ↠

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Lutheran Counseling Network

Grace for Your Journey of Hope and Healing

By providing psychotherapy to people in need and education for congregations and pastors, Lutheran Counseling Network is an instrument of God’s grace which strengthens and brings healing to individuals, couples and families so that they might in turn be instruments of God’s grace.
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Hospitality Teams

We are blessed to have four wonderful hospitality teams at Phinney. These willing teams provide a wonderful welcome to families and friends at the time of a memorial service, to the congregation at meetings and events, and to guests who use our facilities for their meetings and activities.

Contact: Jo-Ann Cress

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Food Bank

The Phinney Ridge Food Bank serves approximately 75 families in our community per week. Our food bank is run entirely by volunteers. The volunteers work hard at keeping the shelves stocked, taking phone appointments, picking up food from the many agencies that donate to us, and keeping the food bank organized to allow for easy delivery on the days we are open.
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Direct Assistance

Following Christ’s example of meeting the material as well as the spiritual needs of God’s people, PRLC’s Outreach Ministry offers direct financial assistance for individuals or families in need of help.

This assistance can take many forms including help with rent, a utility bill, or gasoline for a car. We follow guidelines to determine the amount and frequency of assistance, and take the time to get to know each client’s situation before offering help.

In addition, we only pay a bill directly, and at no time do we hand out cash to a client. These safety measures help insure our assistance does the most good possible to those in most need.

While we secure the occasional grant or large gift, most of our ability to help in this way comes from private donations to the PRLC Outreach Fund. Donations (and requests for assistance) can be made to the PRLC Outreach Fund through the church office or by contacting Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher.

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Every Tuesday morning a group of quilters meets in the upstairs sewing room at PRLC to put together quilts, which they will donate to Lutheran World Relief. These quilts are shipped to areas in distress around the world, wrapping the people who receive them in tangible symbols of God’s love.

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Aurora Commons Meal Team

The second Wednesday of each month a group collaborates to prepare a delicious homemade meal for the approximately 20+ women of the Aurora Commons. Aurora Commons offers women’s-only programming twice a week.  They provide educational and harm reduction materials, connections to various organizations and resources around Seattle, and a kind, non-judgmental space for women to rest and be known.  The Aurora Commons offers the only drop-in space on North Aurora directly serving women who are commercially sexually exploited, many of whom are drug dependent.  The meal program has developed with various churches in the neighborhood providing meals on these women’s-only nights at the Commons.  Aurora Commons has many other amazing programs. Find out more at: http://www.auroracommons.org/

Join this small group of Phinney members to help bring food, or deliver it to Aurora Commons and spend a little time with the women and staff there.  You’ll be glad you did!

Contact: Tiffany Megargee 206-533-0199 tiffgm@comcast.net

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