At Phinney we spend most of our time focusing on worship and service, but the work of the church requires all kinds of service, including these more inwardly focused groups.

Congregational Council

Our congregational council is the governing body of Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church between congregational meetings. It is comprised of members dedicated to the ministry and mission of our congregation.

The Congregation Council functions to oversee the life and activities of Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church and to assure that these reflect the purpose and faith of this church. The council consists of the four officers of the Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary), six at-large members, and called pastors.

Contact person: Jill Yetman

2019-2020 Council Members

Jill Yetman , President
Todd Wathey, Treasurer
Signe Roscoe, Secretary
Jannah Ferguson, Member-at-large
Brian Gruber, Member-at-large
Matthew Hendrickson, Member-at-large
Carolyn Hostetler, Member-at-large
Shannon McCarthy, Member-at-large
Russ Simonson, Member-at-large
George Snelling, Member-at-large

Audit Committee

Accurate, up-to-date financial information is vital to the effective management of a congregation and is a component of resonsible stewardship. Three auditors are elected by the congregation to determine the accuracy and condition of all financial accounts and records of Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church.
Contact: Christina Sunstone

Endowment Committee

John Breen
Matthew Eng
Cara Scheffler
Dana Visser
Todd Wathey

Memorial Committee

The Memorial Committee is an appointed group of three PRLC members who work with individuals and families who have recently lost a loved one. Their work includes sharing sympathy and solace as well as assisting the family in choosing a lasting gift to honor their loved one with the gifts that have been given in their memory.
Contact: Pastor Bryon Hansen

Personnel Committee

This committee reviews major hiring, firing, and compensation decisions as well as periodically reviews and updates the personnel policies of PRLC and the CDC.
Chair person: Linda Ramsdell