Worship Assistant Schedule for October 2019

Dear PRLC Worship Assistants,

Attached is the Worship Assistant Schedule for October 2019. Please take a look at it and note your assignments.

I’m sending this email to all active worship assistants, whether they’re scheduled for this month or not, so don’t worry if you don’t see your name on the schedule. I’m also posting it to the PRLC website, so if you delete this email you can still get at it.

If you find you need to make a change in your assignment, please trade with someone else on the list. (You can email me to request a list of names and contact info if you need it.) Then contact me at the church office to let me know.

If you find you have been scheduled in error, please contact the worship assistant organizer, Ardis Pilz, directly and let her know. And please let Ardis know by October 20 of any dates you will be unavailable in November. Thank you!

Worship Assistant Schedule for October 2019

The Christians Comes to Phinney

This October PRLC will be hosting a production of a beautiful, compassionate play about faith, doubt, love, and healing. It’s the award-winning play The Christians, by Lucas Hnath.

The Christians tells the story of a caring pastor who is troubled by the suffering of the world. In his search for answers, he has a revelation: Hell does not exist. When he announces this revelation to the congregation, it creates schisms within the congregation, in his marriage, and among the church’s families. The play asks the relevant, timely question, “Can we still love each other if we hold different beliefs?”

This production will take place in our own sanctuary and will include performances by our own choir, under the direction of Beth Ann Bonnecroy.

Dates and times:              Thurs-Sat Oct 3, 4, & 5, 2019 at 7:30pm

Tickets:                                 $20 General Admission; $17 Seniors; $15 Students (can be purchased at brownpapertickets.com)