Update from PRLC Preschool

by Matt McKenzie

The Preschool at Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church kicked off 2020 with the largest staff of teachers in recent history! We’re thrilled to have brought seven new members onto our team in the last two months alone. Having a full staff allows our teachers to spend time observing, documenting, and reflecting on the amazing growth and learning that happens in the classrooms daily.

As we inch closer to Spring, you’ll soon see many of our classrooms prepping and planting in the garden along 75th Street. Some of the rooms start plants indoors from seed while others wait and use starters instead. Peas and beans are always a big hit with the kids, and our grapes are sprawling and getting bigger every year. We’re excited to see what the children want to grow this year.

April 17 is our Spring staff in-service day. This year, as well as sprucing up the classrooms, the teachers will be coming together for a workshop on self-care and wellness. We’re thrilled to have this professional development opportunity in which we will explore ways to take care of our minds and bodies. Teacher burnout is a real issue in this profession, so it’s important for our staff to take time to reflect on their work-life balance so that they can be their best selves in the classroom and at home.

Enrollment for this fall will be happening soon. We’re excited to welcome new families into the school community, and we only wish we could take in more of the eager families on our wait-list.