The Way

Asking questions about God, faith, or the Church? Lifelong Christian? Every faith journey is unique. The WAY encourages, challenges and invites a deeper life of faith. Contact Pastor Bryon Hansen if you’d like to be a part of this year’s process.

What is The WAY?

Before the first followers of Jesus were known as Christians, they were called “People of The WAY.” Then, and now, The WAY refers to a style of life in which both believing and living are centered in Jesus Christ.

The formal word for this process is the catechumenate. At Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church, The WAY is an opportunity for your faith to be explored, nurtured, and renewed, your commitment to Jesus Christ affirmed, and your walk as a disciple of Christ to be established or re-established in the life-giving waters of Holy Baptism or the Affirmation of Baptism.

The Seasons of The WAY


This is the “Front Porch.”   This is a time devoted to exploring the basics of the Christian life and developing a sense of community among others new to the parish and longtime members who serve as sponsors or companions along the way.  This period extends into the season of Advent.


Beginning in January, this phase goes a little deeper into small group reflection.  The Gospel from the morning’s worship is at the center of the small group experience, not so much to be studied as to be prayed.  This is also a time to reflect upon the Sunday liturgy.


The season of Lent begins around springtime.  The word Lent means “springtime.”  During this time we are introduced to the great stories of the Bible that we will hear at the Easter Vigil.  We will also spend time focusing on the baptismal call to turn toward a fuller life in Christ.


The Fifty Days of Easter unfold following the Easter Vigil.  It is a time to allow the sacraments to inform our way of life individually and together.  The focus is on ministry in daily life and sharing our gifts with the faith community.  This culminates on the Day of Pentecost.

We welcome you to join The WAY

People have been welcomed to the life-giving waters of baptism and to the affirmation of baptism through The WAY for over 15 years. Here’s what they have to say…

The WAY extends Christian practices and embeds these practices into the lives of the participants, and therefore, into the fabric of the Church.

We will treasure our experiences and are grateful for the warm welcome to the Phinney Ridge community, the mentoring and gentle guidance and the inspired and prayerful approach that we have been lucky to experience.

We are better people for having participated in The WAY and look forward to many years of prayer and service together.

Please contact Pastor Bryon Hansen if you have any additional questions about The WAY and membership at Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church.