Advent and Christmas at Phinney

In the darkness of winter we pray for coming of light. The promised return of the sun has been reinterpreted by Christians to be Jesus the Christ. With the gradual lighting of the candles on the Advent wreath we wait and watch and wonder. The arrival of Jesus means more than one thing and comes with a host of images in Scripture and Liturgy. On the first Sunday in Advent we meditate on Christ’s “coming again.” In the midst of Advent we look for Christ’s presence among us now and to be attentive to that presence often requires a change of heart. So we listen to John the Baptizer proclaim “repentance.” In other words, the community of faith is beckoned to turn toward the light by embarking upon new journeys of faith and trust. As Advent winds down we remember Christ’s first coming among us in the child born in Bethlehem.

When we gather on Sundays in Advent, the light is ritually brought into the darkened worship space. There will be room for silence. Much of our praying will be sung during the prayers of the people and at the table. And the liturgical color blue symbolizes the color of the night just before dawn. The four weeks of Advent are a small transition between darkness and light and the color blue has become an emblem of hope and a visual reminder of our collective prayer, “Come Lord Jesus.”

For twelve days Christians celebrate the wonder and mystery of the Word made flesh, the appearance of God among us in the birth of Jesus. Special liturgies occur on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In addition, we have two Sundays to celebrate, Christmas as well as the Day of Epiphany. The days of Christmas are filled with a kind of joyful exuberance. It is a time to feast and make merry for the good news is that God’s saving grace is near and made tangible in Jesus, God with us.

Advent Evening Prayer on the Ridge

This year we will join other Lutherans “on the ridge” for shared midweek Advent services. Please come for Advent prayer on Thursday evenings with our sisters and brothers at Luther Memorial Church and St. John United Lutheran Church. Each service begins at 7:00 p.m., followed by a reception. Here’s the schedule and themes:

Dec. 2 – Luke 1:68-69 at Luther Memorial (13047 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle)
Dec. 10 – Isaiah 2:2-6 at Phinney Ridge Lutheran (7500 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle)
Dec. 17 – The O Antiphons at St. John United (5515 Phinney Ave N, Seattle)

Advent Memorial Service

All are welcome to the Chapel on Sunday, December 13 at 7:00 p.m. for the annual Advent Memorial Service. This service is especially for those who grieve the death of loved ones or feeling some sense of loss. The service will center on the promises of God and the light that the darkness cannot dispel.

Christmas Eve Worship

Join us on Christmas Eve for festive worship …
5:00 Holy Communion Family Service – Leading the proclamation of the good news of Jesus’ birth are the Children’s Choir and the Youth Choir. A very special service that lasts only one hour!

10:30 p.m. – Christmas Eve Music led by the Chancel Choir

11:00 p.m. – Christmas Eve Festival Holy Communion – The story of the Nativity from the Gospel of Luke is surrounded by candlelight and carols, echoing the words of the prophet: “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. On them light has shined.”

Christmas and Epiphany Worship

December 25, 11:00 a.m. – Christmas Day Holy Communion – The Nativity of our Lord is celebrated around word and meal. John’s Gospel provides the focal point this day: “The Word became flesh and lived among us full of grace and truth.”

December 27 – The First Sunday of Christmas, Holy Communion at 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. Our celebration of Christmas continues as we gather this morning for the Service of Lessons and Carols.

January 2 – The Second Sunday of Christmas, Holy Communion at 8:30 and 11:00. Christmas continues still with the unfolding mystery of the “Word made flesh,” God revealed among us in human flesh.

The Epiphany of our Lord, Wednesday, January 6, 7:00 p.m. – Our celebration of Christmas culminates with the celebration of the Epiphany at which time we will celebrate the beginning of a new ministry with the Installation of Pastor Van Kley.


LYONS Holden Evening Prayer

Join us here Wednesday evening July 9 at 7 pm to participate in the beautiful Holden Evening Prayer, followed by small group discussions led by Phinney’s young adult group. This event is sponsored by LYONS (Lutheran Youth of North Seattle) and is open to the entire community. After small group discussions, we’ll come back together for refreshments and fellowship.

Summer Worship Schedule Starts May 25

On May 25 we will begin our summer schedule of worship, with two services every Sunday — but one will be at 8:30 and the other at 10:00. The second service will meet one hour earlier than it does during the school year, and Sunday School and Adult Forum will be on hiatus through Labor Day.


Summer Worship Schedule

Begins Sunday June 3, 2012
Sunday morning services at 8:30 am and 10:00 am

Don’t forget that on the first Sunday of June, Holy Trinity Sunday, our worship times will change to 8:30am and 10:00 am.  The church office schedule will be changing too, with the office closed on Fridays.

This schedule will last through Labor Day weekend.  Begin your week attending life-giving worship with your Phinney friends and family.


Festival Pentecost Worship May 27 at 10AM

Sunday May 27 will be a rare “One Service Sunday” at PRLC.  As the people gathered together in one place at the first day of Pentecost, we will gather together in one service at 10 am to hear the stories, recall our baptism through a baptism of new members, and share the meal.

Led by Pastor Hoffman and the Gospel Choir, we will liberally use fire, water, music, spoken word and the color of the festival (red) to engage all of our senses to experience this service, which symbolizes a new beginning with the unleashing of the Holy Spirit.

We invite you to wear RED to worship!



Sunday Worship Is NEVER Cancelled!

We’ve been slammed with some unusual winter weather this week, and even had to take the extraordinary measure of cancelling last Wednesday’s Bread for the Journey.

Remember, though, that Sunday morning worship is NEVER cancelled. The snow is supposed to be gone by then, but even if it isn’t, we’ll be here celebrating the Eucharist – and we hope to see you there!

Evening Prayer This Sunday

Could you use a calm and restorative beginning to your week?  Our monthly evening prayer service with our friends on Aurora will take place this Sunday evening, January 22,  at 7pm.  As always, we’ll meet at the Aurora Commons at 8914 Aurora Ave N (parking available behind the Commons off of 90th).  Individual healing prayer and anointing with oil will be available.