PRLC Pilgrims

Moving Forward Together

Many of us wrestle with how to best live as both Christians and citizens while partisan politics divide our country. At PRLC, we take great care in how we approach public advocacy on potentially divisive issues. Some may wish to keep political opinions private, while some may feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to speak and act publicly. We respect the convictions of every member of our community, even if we disagree.

Recently, a large group of PRLC members participated in the Womxn’s March on Seattle and found tremendous hope in the practice of walking together toward a common goal. Continuing in this vein, a new group is forming: PRLC Pilgrims.

2017-02-01 Holding CandlesAs individuals on a long journey, we may tire. As a community on a pilgrimage, we support each other and draw from our strong faith tradition to move forward in the face of oppression. Together, we march toward the light. Our first need is to gather before God and find rest for our souls. Drawing on the rich emotional landscape of the Psalms, Pastor Hansen and Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher are planning a special service to care for heavy hearts and find rebirth for the days ahead.

Service of Lament and Thanksgiving

Thursday, February 9, 2017, 7pm

If you’d like to attend, please contact Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher.


Food Bank in Urgent Need of Phone Volunteer

Our food bank operates on a reservation system, meaning clients call and let us know they’re coming in advance. These reservations allow our small food bank (and its stalwart volunteers) to operate efficiently. We’ve had a problem now for several weeks though: we do not have any volunteer in place at all to answer phones on 4th Mondays of the month! This work is vitally important both to food bank operations and to our clients, who are not sure what to do when they call to make a reservation and no one answers. If you can help out with this ministry once a month (or even less often, as a substitute), please contact member Jo-Ann Cress. Thank you!


Help Women Escaping Life on the Street

On the second Wednesday of each month a group here at PRLC prepares a dinner for the Aurora Commons‘ program for women escaping life on the street. Each person involved makes one part of the meal (salad, main course, side dish, dessert) and one or more volunteers delivers the meal to Aurora Commons at 90th and Aurora. We need more cooks and deliverers to keep this ministry going. Interested? Please contact Nancy Monelli.


Mary’s Place Volunteer Training

We will welcome back our friends from Mary’s Place February 7-14, and this ministry depends on volunteers.  All volunteers must undergo both the boundary training required of all church volunteers and special training focused on Mary’s Place in particular. If you’d like to take part in this ministry but have not yet undergone training you have two opportunities:

Sunday, January 22, 2017: Boundary Training 9:45AM to 10:15AM / Mary’s Place Training 10:15AM to 11:15AM

Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017: Boundary Training 6:00-6:30 pm / Mary’s Place Training 6:30-7:30 pm


An Opportunity to Serve on Christmas Day

A message from PRLC Hammond House team member Alan Pearson:

Compass Housing AllianceCompass Housing Alliance’s Hammond House Women’s Shelter provides a safe, warm place to sleep each night for 40 women. Guests are served dinner and breakfast at the shelter, and have access to case management and support services. Some are seeking escape from domestic violence, while others are looking to get off the streets. Some women there have been long-term residents and some are transitioning to other housing situations. Every woman’s situation is unique.

On alternate months, a group of volunteers from the PRLC congregation collectively prepares and serves a dinner to the guests of Hammond House. For the month of December, our dinner falls on Christmas Day, which gives us a wonderful opportunity to share new life in Christ on this special day.

Typically, our volunteers prepare dishes separately and then bring the food to PRLC where the servers transport it to the shelter, serve the women, and then share in a meal with them. Both preparing food and serving are wonderful opportunities to share in God’s grace.

Please consider if you are interested and able to take part in this ministry, either on Christmas Day or going forward in the new year.

If interested, please Contact Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher, or mark a Count-Me-In form on an upcoming Sunday.

Outreach News

Missionary Support for Familiar Faces

In July, PRLC had a visit from PRLC member Zachary Courter and his wife the Rev. Rachel Eskesen. Through a sermon and a presentation following the service, we heard about their work as coordinators for the ELCA’s Young Adults in Global Mission Program in Hungary. They not only co-lead a group of YAGM volunteers each year, but also develop connections of support with NGOs working to dismantle Anti-Gypsism in Central Europe. Zachary also just became installed as a pastoral intern at Fasori Evangelikus Egyhaz (Hungarian Lutheran Church). This will be his final step to finishing his Master’s of Divinity, a process PRLC helped start with an endowment fund gift.

The PRLC Council would like to partner with these two wonderful missionaries through prayer, encouragement, and financial support. The ELCA has organized a “Covenant Sponsorship” program for congregations to connect with missionaries. Under this program, we would commit to regular prayer and financial support for Zachary and Rachel, and would receive regular communication about their work in Hungary including opportunities to be involved.

In short, we support the mission of the global ELCA church, and our faith is formed and encouraged by sharing in their work.

While discussing how to organize our participation in a covenant sponsorship with Zachary and Rachel, the council wanted to give the church membership a chance to respond directly. Would you be willing to commit to a monthly or annual gift of support to Zach and Rachel? If so, please contact Parish Administrator Kirsten Olshausen to make arrangements. To read up on their adventures and learn more about their important work, please visit their wonderful blog at


GWOH Update

God’s Work. Our Hands.” Sunday Report

Many Phinney folks participated in outreach activities on September 11th in our celebration of the national ELCA “God’s Work. Our Hands.” day of service. People of all ages packed refugee resettlement kits and “sweet dreams bags” for homeless women, helped improve St. Luke’s Episcopal, beautified the PRLC grounds, and collected dozens of bags of litter from our neighborhood.

Patrick would like to single out for huge thank yous all of the volunteers on this special day. Whether you brought soup, cleaned the kitchen (it was spotless!), coordinated or participated in a project, or simply extended patience to me as I juggled a lot of details, I truly appreciated your willingness to be servants in the Kingdom of God.

Not meant for just one Sunday, the Spirit invites us to take the nourishment of mind and body we receive in communal worship and be in the world daily, living out our faith as the hands of God. As we sang in worship on September 11th:

Hands of God, hands of faith,
offering hope, offering grace,
Hands of blessing, hands of love,
we are the hands of God.

                        Hands of God, by Michael Austin Miller


Outreach News

“God’s Work. Our Hands.” Sunday on September 11!

Last year, as part of our 100th Anniversary celebration, we participated in this ELCA-wide day of service joining Lutherans around the country in sharing God’s love in tangible ways throughout our community. We had so much fun we thought we’d do it again! This year’s program takes on special meaning as we serve on the 15th Anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. What a great way to shine a bright light of hope in our world on this special day.

We’ll worship together at one 10am service that morning, share a light soup lunch following, and honor our upcoming Sunday School Teachers. Then, we’ll get to work serving in these areas:

  • “Sweet Dreams Bags” for Women’s Shelter: Gather items and assemble these loving bags for distribution at a neighborhood shelter for homeless women run by Compass Housing Alliance.
  • Yard Work for Area Seniors: Partner with the PNA’s Village program aimed to help keep seniors in their homes by lending a hand with arduous but necessary yard work.
  • Landscaping at PRLC: Join our grounds gurus Scott and Joel as they continue improvements outside around the church.
  • Refugee Resettlement Kits: Assemble and decorate these important kits to be distributed to refugees who settle in our area through Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services.
  • Litter Pickup in Greenwood: Walk an assigned route picking up litter and beautifying our neighborhood.
  • St. Luke’s Work Projects: Join a team headed to St. Luke’s Episcopal in Ballard to fix up that wonderful building and bless our friends there.

Where is your heart stirred into action? Please sign up ahead of time by marking your Count Me In form on Sunday, or contact Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher directly in the office. Thanks for participating and spreading our witness of love in the community!


Outreach Support Team Forming

The honor of serving as your Minister of Outreach gets outweighed only by the blessing this work heaps upon me. I dedicate most of my time to being available to people in need who contact the church in desperation. Thanks to your generous support of the Parish Outreach Fund, we can often step into this need and provide a source of direct relief. In 2015 alone, we extended this assistance in 148 separate instances, ranging from a tank of gas to a few hundred dollars of move-in assistance toward a permanent home.

The satisfaction of this work comprises only a part of the blessing I receive. The stories I hear, the faces I remember, and the gratitude that flows back on an almost daily basis has enriched my life and changed my heart for the better. This abundance cannot be kept to myself.

For some time, I’ve wanted to bring together a collection of like-minded church people who could both share in the blessing of this work and also help expand our outreach ministry. The time is right to form an Outreach Support Team. I anticipate gathering at the church once a quarter, sharing a meal, and conspiring to draw from the blessings and shine the light of Christ even farther into our world. Is this an idea to which you feel drawn? If so, please contact Patrick Meagher in the office ( / 206-783-2350) and we can discuss more.


School Supplies Needed for Compass Housing Alliance

School starts in less than a month and the back-to-school ads in the newspapers and on TV are already in full swing.  Our friends at Compass Housing Alliance (CHA) have asked our help in providing some of the children in CHA housing with basic school supplies. As you may know, CHA provides semi-permanent and temporary housing for families in need in the greater Seattle area.  These families can generally buy food and pay their rent, but many don’t have additional funds for school supplies, backpacks and other things that most kids take for granted.  Here is the list of school supplies that are needed:

  • 3-ring or 6-8 pocket binder with pencil pouch
  • 6 index dividers
  • Loose leaf (lined) notebook paper
  • 8 composition books (lined)
  • 2 composition books (quad ruled/ graph paper)
  • 3” x 3” post-its
  • Ballpoint pens (blue/black only)
  • #2 pencils
  • Erasers
  • Ruler (metric and standard markings)
  • Glue stick/ glue
  • Colored pencils and highlighters
  • Scissors with blunt ends
  • Protractor/Compass
  • Pocket Calculator/Basic Calculator
  • Flash Drive (USB Storage Device)
  • Algebra TI-36x Pro Calculator
  • Kleenex
  • Backpacks

Click on the link below for a printable pdf version of the list. We need to get these supplies to the CHA children by Labor Day, so please drop off what you can in the church narthex before the end of the month.  Thanks in advance for your generosity!  Questions? Contact Sally Thompson at (206) 706-7653.

School Supplies for Compass Housing Alliance [pdf]