Food Bank Volunteer Appreciation Event

Calling all food bank volunteers, and others interested in learning more about our illustrious food bank program!  The Food Bank Mission team invites both groups to a volunteer appreciation and informational meeting at 11am (following 2nd service) on June 7.

A light lunch will be served, procedural updates and recent statistics discussed, and conversation about your volunteer experience encouraged.  This will be a great time to grow together as a food bank team, and also to share about our ministry to anyone interested in learning more.

Outreach News for May

~ Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher

Easter Breakfast Wrap Up

Easter morning is always a special time around PRLC, and this year was no different. In the middle of our resurrection celebration, you donated just over $3,500 into the bowl in front of me at the Easter Breakfast. It’s a unique experience to watch the generosity literally pile up in front of me every year. Every penny finds its way to helping someone in need in our community, and I thank you for your support of the Outreach Fund.

And of course, we should all recognize the dedication of organizers Jeff Hendrix and Ken Roscoe and their crew of volunteers who make this happen every year.


Neighborhood Events Season Kicks off with the ArtWalk

With spring and summer comes the opportunity for PRLC to participate in the wonderful slate of annual neighborhood events. The foundation of our presence is you! Your willingness to staff our hospitality tables and extend a warm welcome over the years has earned us the reputation as “that friendly church with the delicious cookies.” Will you join this year’s effort?

The Greenwood-Phinney Art Walk kicks off on May 8th (6-9p) and 9th (12-5p) with our usual line up of fantastic artists. Plan to stop in and see the work of church member Sallie Shippen, staff member Dallas Cooper, and long time friends Paisley O’Farrell, Matthew Herbner, and Nancy Harris. We’ll need hosts, as well as delicious home made or store bought cookies to pair with coffee and tea for all our visitors. Please see Sunday’s Count Me In forms, or contact Minister of Outreach Patrick in the office if you will help.

Plan ahead to participate in the humungous 23nd Annual Greenwood Car Show taking place this year on June 27th!


Jena Update / Blog

As always, I’m very grateful for the concern and care for my family during my wife Jena’s ongoing health concerns. As appreciative as I am, I have found it difficult to discuss her situation on Sunday mornings. My mind is necessarily on the work of the church, and it’s difficult to enter the emotional space I need to appropriately discuss Jena’s health. The best way to share complete updates has been through her caringbridge website. The link is: I truly appreciate everyone’s care, and we would not be doing as well as we are without it. Thank you for loving us so well.


Caravana43 from Ayotzinapa, Mexico at Phinney

Caravana43 LogoCaravana43 was formed by relatives and families of the 43 students who are victims of forced disappearance last September in Ayotzinapa, Mexico. We are invited to hear their stories and to support them at either or both of two opportunities while they are here in Seattle:

Friday, April 17 at 7pm

Story Telling & Fundraising Dinner here at Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church. Suggested donation $10. The money will be used to fund their way to the United Nations in New York.

Saturday, April 18 at Noon

Community forum at Immanuel Lutheran, Seattle. Traditional Perupacha welcoming ceremony will be performed. Folks are welcome to give donations at this event as well.

For details, please contact Diakonda Gurning, Indonesian Lutheran Fellowship, at (425)231-2814.

Two Feet, Two Towels, One Commandment

Compass Housing AllianceAre you attending the Maundy Thursday foot washing service this year? Carry Jesus’ commandment to love one another a step further by bringing two towels along on Maundy Thursday. It’s easy to remember—two feet, two towels! After you get your feet washed, you can donate your two towels to Compass Housing Alliance.

Compass Housing Alliance, a Lutheran ministry in Pioneer Square, desperately needs new or gently-used towels for their hygiene program. The program serves approximately 150 homeless men and women who get free showers at Compass every day. Thanks for your help!

Easter Breakfast

Can you smell the cinnamon rolls?  On Easter morning we welcome the glory of the risen Christ and the return of our collective “Alleluia” to worship.  We also share our biggest communal meal of the year!  Dedicated volunteers create and serve Easter Breakfast to everyone from 9-11am.  There is no price tag for breakfast, but a free-will donation is taken to cover expenses and support the Parish Outreach Fund.

Already in 2015 the Outreach Fund has helped individuals like Lisa keep her phone on, David finally attain permanent housing, and Theresa with a gas voucher to stay warm while she spends a couple of weeks in her van awaiting housing.

Easter Breakfast is the Fund’s largest single fundraiser of the year, and your generosity is appreciated to continue our ministry of direct financial assistance for community members in need.  Thrivent members are especially encouraged to participate, as Thrivent matches a portion of the money raised.  Look for opportunities to volunteer at the breakfast in the Count Me In form as the event draws close.

Good News from a Mary’s Place Guest

Solomon MucheSolomon Muche is a former Mary’s Place client who has stayed with us at PRLC several times. The Seattle Times reported recently that Solomon did so well in high school that he has been accepted to the University of Washington’s bioengineering program, where he started in September.

Mary’s Place reports that Solomon is doing well and was back at Mary’s Place as a volunteer over the holidays. You can read more about Solomon in the September 22, 2014 issue of the Seattle Times: How a homeless student found hope in the margins, by Thanh Tan, Times editorial columnist.


Mary’s Place Returns Feb 10-17

We look forward to extending the gift of hospitality to our visitors from Mary’s Place again this month. From Feb 10-17, we’ll have 14 homeless women and children spend the night in the 3rd floor classrooms.

With dinner every night, and plenty of kids to help take care of, these weeks take many volunteer hands and hearts to accomplish. Even if you are too late to be trained, there are ways to help that don’t require training. Please contact volunteer coordinator Peggy Kreger ( if interested.

Outreach Update: From Anxiety to Peace

~ Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher

From my office, I could hear “Michelle” share her story with an office volunteer. Even from down the hall, I could sense the urgency and anxiety in her voice.

The volunteer lovingly listened, consoled, and invited Michelle to have a seat and wait for me in the office lobby. I came out to hear her story again.

She, her husband, and two kids were staying in a motel in Edmonds. Her husband was working, but there would be a few more days before his paycheck came, and they were facing eviction from the motel today. The kids were at school, her husband was out working, and she didn’t know what to do when they all came home.

Thanks to your generous support of the Parish Outreach Fund, we were able to cover a couple of nights in the motel for this anxious family. The relief washed over Michelle when I gave her this news, and she fell silent. I could almost see the Holy Spirit bring peace into her body.

Her gratitude because of our gift was a gift to me that I kept with me the rest of the day. Thank you for your partnership in bringing the peace of Christ to our community.


Mary’s Place Returns in February

So many of you contribute to our regular hosting of the Mary’s Place group.  Thank you.  If you would like to share in the transformative work associated with this ministry, please contact Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher to find out how.

Volunteers report profound personal experiences of surprise, growth, and a new perspective on homelessness in Seattle.  There is always room for more dedicated souls to join the effort and share in this blessing.  We welcome our guests February 10-17, so there’s plenty of time to get involved!

Food Bank Christmas Distribution a Success

Many thanks again to everyone who contributed to the “well oiled machine” that is our food bank Christmas distribution operation!

In four hours last December 23 we sent our clients home with just shy of 6,500 pounds of food—plus the kids all got a gift bag! We served 212 adults, 99 elder folk over 55 years of age, and 265 children ages birth to 17 years old.

Total families served was down a bit at 144 families (from Thanksgiving numbers of 168 families) for reasons unknown. Changes in neighborhood demographics may be the explanation.

Thanks be to God for allowing us all the abundances we are blessed with, that we can continue the ongoing tradition of PRLC Food Bank Giving! Thank you each and every person who gave so freely of their time, talents, dollars, gifts for the children, and muscle power to make it all a reality once again.

In service to others,

Jo-Ann, David, and Abigail Cress
Food Bank Volunteers