Food Bank’s 2014 Thanksgiving Distribution

The Phinney Ridge Food Bank is preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas distribution activities, when it will serve nearly 200 needy families.  Here’s the schedule for November:

Oct 26-Nov 23
Holiday shopping lists are on the church website and in the Sunday morning bulletins.  Please purchase the items on the list and bring them in by Sunday Nov. 23. Consider donating a large turkey! 20+ pound birds are in great demand, and we’ll gladly make room in the freezer for them.

Nov 2-23
Bake cookies and bring them to the church kitchen.  (Cookies and coffee will be served to the clients who are waiting for their boxes on the day of the distribution.)

 Mon Nov 24
Prepare the Fellowship Hall for distribution.  There will be lots of projects that families can do together.

Tues Nov 25
9-11 am           Pack boxes for distribution to needy families
11am-12pm    Lunch
12-4 pm          Distribution
4-5 pm            Clean up

Take part in any or all events.  If you have questions, contact PRLC member Jo-Ann Cress or Outreach Minister Patrick Meagher.

Interfaith Thanksgiving Service at PRLC

Interfaith svc 2013As has been our blessing over the years, PRLC will once again host an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service on the Sunday before the holiday, November 23, at 7pm. We look forward to welcoming familiar faces, and enjoying the now-familiar expressions of thanksgiving we’ll witness representing the Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian traditions.   Please put the date on your calendar and support this wonderful interfaith community we enjoy so much. A pot-luck pie reception will follow the service in the Fellowship Hall, and volunteers are needed to provide set up and clean up. Please contact Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher if you can help.


Quilters’ R&R (Report and Request)

Phinney’s faithful little group of quilters shipped off 63 quilts and 105 school kits last month to Lutheran World Relief. The quilts are constructed all year long by volunteers who meet here on Tuesday mornings; the school kits were a project of the kids of Vacation Bible School this summer.

Thanks to all who have given fabric, fillers, and sheets, with one more small request. The cost of shipping is $380. Any financial help will be greatly appreciated. Make checks out to PRLC with “Quilt shipping costs” in the memo line. Thank you!


Greenwood Halloween Trick-or-Treat Event

Members Amber Ronald and Karen Kosciolek at last year's Greenwood "Hunger Goblin" event

Members Amber Ronald and Karen Kosciolek at last year’s Greenwood “Hunger Goblin” event

Our neighborhood comes alive on Saturday October 25th for another afternoon of trick or treating. The Hunger Goblin Trick or Treat event runs from 12-3pm, and we hope to participate. Can you volunteer to greet little ghosts and superheros at our front door? We also hope you will buy an extra bag or two of candy for us to hand out. This really helps cut down the cost of participation in this wonderful and fun neighborhood event.


Outreach Update

I met Javon over the phone one afternoon. His too-eager voice sounded like a young man trying to do the right thing, but not sure what the future held. He was recently released from prison, in a job-training program, and seeking rental assistance to remain in a good living situation. I made a time to meet with him at the church. While discussing his situation in my office, my heart really went out to Javon. He had found a good church community since leaving prison, and he spoke hopefully of pastoral mentors who were helping him find his way. Ensuring stability in his living arrangements would be a huge weight off his mind. His humility, perseverance, and honesty made an impact on me. I was happy to offer rental help through PRLC’s Outreach Fund.

Thanks to your generous support of the Outreach Fund, we have helped hundreds of individuals and families in 2014 facing a moment of financial crisis much like Javon. I appreciate your partnership in support of the fund, and look forward to sharing the love of Christ to our neighbors in need down the road.

Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher


Compass on Dexter Move-In Work Party

Compass on DexterHave 3 hours on Saturday? Join the Move In Work Party, Saturday Sept 27 10am-1pm at Compass Housing Alliance’s new low income housing apartment Compass on Dexter

Here are the tasks for the day:

  • Unpacking boxes and sorting donations – we have lots of boxes full of donations that need to be sorted out and separated for individual apartments.
  • Loading bins of housewares to be delivered to each apartment.
  • Bringing bins of housewares to apartments – groups will bring laundry bins full of housewares (sheets, towels, etc.) to apartments. Many of the items will just be dropped off in the apartments, but we will have you hang the shower curtains in each apartment’s bathroom.

Please note you will not be moving any furniture or heavy items.

Please confirm with Kevin Friedrich  that you plan to attend the volunteer event and are from Phinney Ridge Lutheran. Compass on Dexter is located at 756 John St, Seattle 98109. It is on the corner of Dexter and John across from Denny Park. It is a large, new apartment building.

Parking: When you arrive you may park in the building’s garage. The garage is accessible by the alley between the building and Denny Park Lutheran Church.

Upon Arrival: When everyone arrives, I will give a brief orientation and introduction to the building and volunteer tasks. This will be on the 1st floor of the building, which is easily accessible from the garage.

Thanks for considering! I’ll be there ~Signe Roscoe

Casa Latina Anniversary Gala

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Casa Latina logoFor twenty years, Casa Latina has walked alongside the Latino immigrant community, empowering women and men through employment and education, creating new leaders, and organizing for justice. This month, Casa Latina celebrates its 20th anniversary with a gala event and fundraiser on September 13.  PRLC members Scott Shiebler and Eric Liljegren will be hosting a table with some Phinney members to kickstart our community’s support of Casa Latina.  If you would like to join them, contact Chris Megargee (PRLC member and Director of Development at Casa Latina) at (206) 686-2606, or email Scott Shiebler to let him know.

Summer Streets Wrap-Up

We enjoyed another sunny and fun Summer Streets event at PRLC this August. Our free smoothies flew fast, and the games on the lawn were enjoyed by kids of all ages. Our open doors and friendly welcome shined the light of Christ on our wonderful neighborhood. Thanks to our volunteers and staff who organized our participation. See you next year!

Thank You Mary’s Place Volunteers

When we hosted Mary’s Place shelter for women and families last month, you made it happen. You visited with our guests and spent the night on a cot in the choir room; you cooked dinner; you played with the children; you did the grocery shopping; you helped with set up; you cleaned and put supplies away; you washed all of the linens; you drove the van and picked up the families; and you prayed for and supported our guests from Mary’s Place.

Your commitment to this ministry is never failing and we’ll do it all over again in November. Thank you once again.

Your Mary’s Place Team
Steve Johnson, Signe Roscoe, Peggy Kreger, Patrick Meagher, Joe Huber