Cross-Cascade Hike Planning Meeting May 6

If you want to take part in this summer’s Cross-Cascade hike: we have a mandatory planning meeting this Sunday May 6 at 12:30pm in the library. Bring your maps and a list of the backpacking gear you already have. You do not need to bring in your gear at this point for gear-check … just a list is good for now. Among us all, we’ll probably be able to cover all the gear required for this trip. Vicar Gompf will bring her gear for showing what is needed.


Raising White Kids: An Anti-Racism Conversation for All of Us

The Well, 1606 5th Ave W, Seattle WA 98119
May 24, 2018
7-9 pm

Powerful and difficult conundrums exist when it comes to raising white children in a society that is one of the most racially diverse in the world, while also being full of racial tension and inequity.

Developing strategies for raising “healthy” (by definition, “anti-racist”) white kids is a critical investment in the well-being and futures of all of our children.

This plenary will map common conundrums relative to nurturing anti-racist white identity: conundrums that impact adults as much as they do young people. Whether you have or were a white kid, or just have relationships with people who used to be or have white kids—the conversation this lecture will enable us to have is for everyone.

$50, $25, $15
Scholarships available upon inquiry


The Pastor’s Page: Baptized into a New World Order

The early church baptismal liturgy was an example of social justice, of a new social order, the reign of God. By modeling a new social order, a new creation, in the catechumenate and in baptism, the early church subverted the Roman Empire from within rather than challenging it head on … Christians proclaimed in word and deed that only Jesus, who had accomplished their liberation by his death and resurrection, was the Lord. This undercut allegiance to the Roman Imperial system. It is no wonder the Roman Empire persecuted the early church ….” – Robert Brooks

During the 20th century, the church returned to large baptismal fonts that were common among our Christian ancestors. This recovery is more than aesthetic. It is supported by a renewed understanding of the large claims the gift of baptism makes on our lives.

Consider the way we greet the newly baptized by saying, “We welcome you into the body of Christ and into the mission we share: join us in giving thanks and praise to God and bearing God’s creative and redeeming word to all the world.” (ELW, p. 231)

We are baptized into nothing less than the mission of God — participants in God’s mission to heal and reconcile all people to God’s self.  We can honestly say that we are immersed into a new and different world. The Christian community is no like-minded group, but an extraordinarily diverse community where all are welcomed and loved the same. The community exists not for its own sake but to live under the rule of Christ. Large fonts or pools hold enough water for a good bath and enough water to die in. Yes, we are cleansed but we also enter the waters to die. We die to old loyalties and old allegiances and are reborn into life under the reign of Christ.

The PRLC Discern-ment Process had led your leadership to see how our mission and ministry is inextricably tied to baptism. Within this community, the gift of baptism is ritualized in dramatic ways. In the WAY and in Confirmation, we seek to form people around the promises of baptism. The bath signals change and transformation in our lives, individually and communally, and draws us deeper and deeper into the mission of God and the way of Jesus.

Christendom has gone away. The church no longer enjoys favored status in our cultures and among our institutions. We may lament the reality that the church has shrunk, but hidden in this turn of events is, I believe, a wonderful opportunity to recover what has been lost and to discover in new and ancient ways who we are and whose we are.

Pastor Hansen

Baptismal font at Saint Joseph Church, Pinole, California


From Budapest with Love

Missionary Friends Visit in April

PRLC member Zach Courter and his wife Rachel Eskesen, currently serving with YAGM in Budapest, Hungary

On April 29th, we welcomed back church member Zach Courter for an adult forum about the work he and his wife, Rev. Rachel Eskesen, do as ELCA missionaries in Hungary. We heard about the ups and downs of being Program Coordinators for Young Adults in Global Mission-Central Europe, as well as the work Zach does at City Park Lutheran in Budapest, Hungary. Zach and Rachel both returned the following Wednesday evening to connect with our confirmation classes. You can read more about their ongoing adventures via their blog at

In 2017, we began supporting Zach and Rachel by joining the ELCA’s Covenant Sponsorship program. Their important work doesn’t happen without support from communities like ours, and our church’s support of Zach and Rachel comes from you. Would you like to join the effort by offering a one-time gift or make a monthly pledge for the remainder of 2018? Please contact Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher, or simply mail or bring a check by the church (made out to PRLC) with “Zach and Rachel” in the memo line. Thank you for continuing our support of this wonderful missionary couple!


Children and Family Ministries Report

Come Celebrate Our Amazing Nancy Monelli, Minister of Children & Families!

Nancy will be saying good-bye to us in her role as Minister of Children and Families at the end of this program year. She has served PRLC since 2011. WOW! Nancy’s care and influence over the children and families here during her years of ministry are immeasurable. Come join in the joyous celebration giving thanks for her years of faithful service on Sunday, May 13 at 10am in the Fellowship Hall. For details on how you can help, please contact Amy Wathey at


The Monelli Memo

Alleluia. Christ is risen! The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia.

As we come to the end of the joyous season of Easter and head into Ordinary Time, we must never forget that the risen Lord continues with us and that the power of the Holy Spirit fills us so that we can boldly step out in faith no matter what lies ahead. I know that summer can be a busy time for families. Child care arrangements become even more complicated than they are during the school year, and sports, vacations, and other activities can consume every waking minute. But I hope that all of us – especially those of us with children – will consciously make time for worship and service during the summer months.

Children can easily be led to believe that the entire world revolves around them if everything we do is aimed at making sure they are occupied with healthy and fun activities. But even during the long days of summer, Jesus is calling us all (young and old alike) to follow him into the places of need in the world around us. Schools may be closed, but shelters, food banks, and soup kitchens are still open and in need of Jesus’ love and care for those they serve. And as the Feast of Pentecost reminds us, we have all been empowered to share that love and care with them.

Come for nourishment each Sunday and then take what you have received out into the community. Even little hands can make a big difference. Thanks.

For His Sake,


Last Day of Sunday School Party on Sunday, May 13

Included in this time of celebration will be our annual Blessing of the Bicycles (and other non-auto modes of transportation). Please leave your person-powered vehicles in the Tree of Life room when you arrive for worship.


Bread for the Journey End-of-Year PICNIC

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
West Woodland Park Playground
5500 Phinney Ave. North  (corner of Phinney Ave N and N 59th)

Hot Dogs and Veggie Dogs, beverages, plates and utensils, and s’more fixings will be provided. Just bring something to sit on and a side dish to share.


Thank you

Thank you so much for inviting me into this wonderful community of faith. The past five years have been a tremendous blessing for me and I give thanks to God for it all. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to have spent time with the children, tweens, and teens as we ambled together on our journeys of faith.

For His sake,





Graduating High School Seniors to Be “Quilted”

On June 3 we will bless our congregation’s graduating high school seniors and send them off with a lasting gift from the congregation: hand-pieced quilts created especially for them by the people of PRLC’s quilting ministry. Please join us in blessings and prayers for the  class of 2018:

Makenzie Blaney
Avery Carlson
Katrina Hendrickson
Sophia Rice
Katherine Simonson


Vacation Bible School June 25-29, 2018

Have you ever had a bad day, and then someone gives you an unexpected gift or reaches out with a hug and somehow it all seems much better?

 At this year’s vacation bible school, we’ll explore the nature of grace, and how God’s unexpected love changes just about everything in our lives. We’re excited to welcome our friends from Camp Lutherwood, who will lead groups, games, songs, and field trips all geared toward experiencing God’s grace for God’s people.

We’ll offer a day-long program for kids entering 1st-6th grade in the fall, as well as a half day morning program for 4-year olds through Kindergarten. Older kids and adults are still welcome (and needed!) to volunteer as leaders and helpers. Please contact Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher in the office for more information.

Download the registration brochure below, and let’s have some fun!

1st – 6th grade: 9am – 3:30pm
Cost: $75 for the week

4 yo – K: 9am – 12pm
Cost: $40 half day

VBS 2018 Registration Form [pdf]