Greetings from the Child Development Center

~ CDC Director Tim Sullivan

This month I am going to talk about science and what we do in our school to promote scientific discovery and why it is important.

In this place the staff and I see all the children as scientists, and we set up our classrooms and projects with that in mind.  Children love to experiment, explore, and figure out how the world works, which is exactly what a scientist does.  We create a safe place where we allowed even our youngest children to do these things both in the classroom as well as out in the world. We are constantly bringing our children to new places to explore our world, as well as bringing in new activities for the children to explore.  Children do not need to be taught how to be scientists.  Children wonder, explore, and discover through their play naturally; as teachers it’s our job to stay out of the way and allow them the space and time to do these things.

There is no greater joy I get out of my profession than to watch a child discover something new for the first time and see the intrinsic joy of learning all over their faces.


PRLC’s Race and Equity Team

What is the “Race and Equity” team? Several years ago a group of us met to explore what racism really is, how we are affected by it and how we perpetuate it. We worked our way through an ELCA curriculum called “Troubling the Waters.” This was followed by a book group, listening to a podcast together and two Adult Forums. We have learned much and have just scratched the surface of where we need to continue to go. As a group we will continue to explore this. Please watch for more info on how you can become a part of this. We are currently planning events for the next few months. Please know this is NOT a closed group, all are welcome to join and give feedback.

If you have any questions here are a few of us who have been involved so far:

Barb Mockett, Tiffany Megargee, Signe Roscoe, Jenn Boelter, Alice Gregory, Erica Shutes-David and of course your pastors

Thanks, Patty Maier (

P.S. Check out the “Justice/Priviledge” section in the library!!  We have had a few books donated and Luci Baker Johnson has done a great job of putting it all together.


Outreach News

~ Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher

Easter Breakfast to Benefit the Outreach Fund

Can you smell the cinnamon rolls?  On Easter morning we welcome the glory of the risen Christ and the return of our collective “Alleluia” to worship. We also share our biggest communal meal of the year! Dedicated volunteers create and serve Easter Breakfast to everyone from 9-11am. There is no price tag for breakfast, but a free-will donation is taken to cover expenses and support the Parish Outreach Fund.

Already in 2019 the Outreach Fund has helped individuals like Shalane keep her phone on, Emilio finally attain permanent housing, and Shawn with a tank of gas to stay warm while he spends a couple of weeks in his van awaiting housing.

Easter Breakfast is the Fund’s largest single fundraiser of the year, and your generosity is appreciated to continue our ministry of direct financial assistance for community members in need. Look for opportunities to volunteer at the breakfast on your Count Me In form in April.

Food Bank Transition Moving Along

Despite the snow, we enjoyed a great turnout at our Feb 10 volunteer training on the new procedures. Thank you to all who came and especially those who signed up for new shifts! What a joy to have so many people behind our new adventure. We went “live” the week following the training, and continue to train volunteers along the way. By all accounts the new procedures create an easier and more productive food bank experience for both clients and volunteers.

I’ve been especially appreciative of the commitment of those volunteers who don’t feel comfortable on the computer. I’ve worked with a few of you to learn the new software and become proficient at entering a client visit. Your bravery and flexibility to learn something new has been an inspiration to me! Thank you to all volunteers for your commitment to this vital community ministry. We’ll continue to improve and promote our food bank and hopefully we’ll be reaching more clients in the year ahead.


March Newsletter Update from ELCA Global Mission Missionaries: Rachel & Zach

Greetings Supporters!

Blessings to you and yours this Lenten Season! Lent is a season in the church year when we have a chance to create space to reflect on the ways that God is at work in our lives and in the world around us. With gratitude, we share with you ministry updates from our time serving as YAGM Country Coordinators in Central Europe. In this newsletter you will hear more about:

  • The Young Adults in Global Mission Spring Retreat in Serbia
  • Continued Ministries with City Park Lutheran: Sunday School; Chinese Calligraphy classes; & ecumenical ministries with fellow English-speaking pastors and congregations in Budapest
  • Rachel reconnecting with her YAGM service site in Cairo, Egypt.

God’s Blessings,
Pastors Rachel & Zach

Click on the link below to read the March newsletter:

March 2019 Ministry Update from Rachel & Zach [pdf]

From the Child Development Center

~ CDC Director Tim Sullivan

This month I want to start giving you a vision of what happens downstairs in the CDC and talk about why it is important.  The first area of learning I want to talk about is sensory play.  In this place all our children get chances to learn about their world by exploring it using all their senses, both indoors and out.  We take field trips out in nature where the children can touch, smell, feel, and even taste things.  We explore plants, sea life, ponds and wetlands, and even snow out around our area.  We bring sensory projects into the classroom as well.  Some of our favorite activities we use in our sensory tables are water, chocolate pudding, cornstarch and water, soap and oil, and condensed milk with water colors. The possibilities for giving children new sensory experiences are almost endless, and as teachers we love to watch the children learn and grow through this play.  Sensory exploration is crucial for children.  It builds nerve connections in their young brains, developing pathways which build their ability to complete more complex tasks later in life.  It supports language development, cognitive growth, problem solving skills, and — perhaps most important of all — social interaction.  Our children have a great time at school exploring their world with all their senses, and it’s amazing to watch.  While sometimes it looks just like a mess, our child development professionals at Phinney know how important these experiences are for our children, and take the time to create new learning opportunities for them daily.


Outreach News

~ Patrick Meagher, Minister of Outreach

Outreach Fund Helps Big in 2018

Sometimes in this space I share an “on the ground” story of a family we helped through the PRLC Outreach Fund. It’s important to understand the significant impact your donations have on real people with real problems. This month, I’ll offer a bigger picture of what we accomplished together in 2018. We reached out to give financial assistance through rent, utility, gas, and other assistance a whopping 136 times! That’s 136 heart-melting stories of a family in crisis who found relief because of the generosity of this community.

Seventy times we helped an individual or family achieve housing stability through rent assistance. Forty-two times we bought a tank of gas to keep someone moving to doctor appointments or keep the heat on if living in their car. Fifteen times we kept the electricity on and water flowing through utility assistance. And 9 times we helped in other ways, such as paying a storage space fee, making a copay on a life-giving prescription, or providing a scholarship for a child’s reading program.

I’m grateful to serve as a Minister of Outreach supported by such a consistently generous community of faith. I feel confident sharing the love of Christ, knowing we dedicate our resources as well as our hearts to this work. Your partnership in this sends God’s life-changing kindness all over our city.

As always, please send donations to the Outreach Fund to the office or into the Sunday offering plates, and thank you for your support!

Food Bank Volunteer Celebration, Recruitment, and Training Feb 10

The Food Bank Mission Team invites all past, current, and future volunteers to enjoy lunch, hear about our new procedures, and try them out yourself! We’ll meet following 2nd service (about 12:30) on Sunday, Feb 10, in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone will go through the new procedure as a client and then as a volunteer. This is a great time to join the food bank volunteer roster as we need more people to make this client-friendly procedure work. Even if you’re not ready to join, please come and learn about the food bank. All are Welcome. Please RSVP to Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher – See you there!


Outreach News

Circle of Welcome Refugee Ministry – Very Close!

As of this writing, we are working with Lutheran Community Services Northwest to welcome a refugee family on January 23rd! We still don’t know if this family will enter the Circle of Welcome program, but if they do we will be ready to provide the crucial community support required to make a smooth transition. Please continue to pray for our progress, for the family we will meet, and for the work ahead.

We can still use more volunteers to make our team complete. We especially need servants willing to provide transportation to our eventual family. There will be opportunities to become trained in the near future, so don’t hesitate to contact co-coordinators Peggy Kreger ( and Alice Rowe ( with questions and inquiries. And be sure to attend our adult forum on this important ministry Sunday, February 3rd!

Food Bank Update – Volunteers Needed!

We’re looking to expand our food bank volunteer pool as we institute changes aimed at reaching more people in need. Have you thought about serving once a month (or more!) providing the love of God through nourishing sustenance? Are you a current volunteer who might enjoy working with other friends or family not connected with PRLC? Do you know someone who might enjoy serving? All are welcome. Shifts run every Tuesday from 1-3pm, and every Wednesday from 6-8pm. Please spread the word and contact Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher ( if interested. And a reminder to current and future volunteers to save the date of Sunday, Feb 10th, from 12-2pm for a luncheon and important training on our new procedures. We need you!


Circle of Welcome

Refugee Ministry Update

The leadership team for PRLC’s refugee ministry continues to meet and plan our movement toward accepting a refugee family. We are participating in Lutheran Community Services Northwest’s Circle of Welcome program, designed to guide a family or individual though all aspects of acclimation into a new country. Many volunteers have signed up and been trained already, and we’re just making sure all of our communication and organization is in order before we accept our family. We hope to give the green light to LCSNW in January! Please continue to pray for our progress, for the family we will meet, and for the work ahead.

Are you interested in learning more and/or getting involved? Look for an information table in the Narthex on December 9 before and after services, as well as an adult forum on February 2nd. Throughout December, we’ll be collecting items to create “Refugee Welcome Kits” for our visitors. Look for more info in the Narthex. Don’t hesitate to contact co-coordinators Peggy Kreger ( and Alice Rowe ( with questions and inquiries.


An Opportunity to Help!

Refugee Women’s Alliance Early Childhood Education Drive

One congregational priority that revealed itself during our recent discernment process was outreach to refugee and immigrant communities. Now an opportunity has presented itself.

Every day the children of our Child Development Center (CDC) are supported in their learning and development by access to ample school supplies. Not all early childhood education learning centers are as fortunate.

ReWA (Refugee Women’s Alliance) is a non-profit organization that, among its many services, offers culturally supportive early childhood education to the children of the families they serve. But their preschool struggles to provide sufficient supplies for its student community. We hope that we, as the combined PRLC/CDC community, can show our gratitude for the abundance of what we have by sharing and supporting another community that is in greater need.

The educators at the ReWA Beacon Hill learning Center have compiled a list of their needs. We will be collecting items and monetary donations now through December 23rd. A box will be in the Narthex and in the CDC Office to receive items. Financial contributions will be collected at the Grace Station or church office. Money collected will go towards a supply order the CDC will facilitate.

Questions? Contact Kari VanSanford at Make checks out to Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church and put “ReWA Donation” in the memo line.

Click on this link for a list of items needed:

REWA Early Childhood Education Drive list [pdf]