Children, Youth, and Families

Save the Date!

This year’s snow threw our usual schedule off a bit, but we now have dates! Vacation Bible School will meet this year from July 8-12. Mark your calendars and get ready for fun!

Communion Instruction for Children

Communion instruction for children will take place on Saturday, April 13 from 1 to 3 pm, beginning in the Fellowship Hall. The class is geared toward children between the ages of 4 and 8, give or take a couple of years. Please contact Pastor Van Kley to confirm your place! The class is for children and their parents together, so please have at least one adult stay with your child/ren.

Key Dates for Spring


Important News About LYONS

After months of prayer, conversation, and faithful discernment, the church council voted on April 2 to end our partnership with Lutheran Youth of North Seattle (LYONS). Our covenant will end after all currently scheduled summer events have concluded. Similar decisions are in process within our three partner churches. To some of you, this will come as a shock; for all of us, there is grief with this decision. LYONS has faithfully served families in this congregation and around our region for more than 20 years. Its mission to strengthen faith and relationships has been fulfilled in thousands of ways, in hundreds of lives.

And yet, as people of the resurrection, we trust that death always brings new life. We have known for some time that the Spirit was stirring up something new here at PRLC with our Children, Youth, and Family Ministry. Ever since the resignation of our previous half-time staff person, our staff, church council, and families have been in conversation about this. It’s clear that caring for our youngest disciples is a top priority for PRLC. As it turned out, while we were discerning how we could better reach and serve our congregation’s children and youth, other LYONS congregations were in the midst of similar discussions. With dwindling participation in programs and events, it was clear that now is the time to make a major transition.

We are so excited to add a fulltime staff person who will be an integral part of our ministry team. This position will allow us to continue the vibrant ministry to teens that LYONS has provided, and also provide continuity in faith formation for younger children through Sunday school, Bread for the Journey, confirmation ministries, and our worship life together. As your pastors, we are confident that this is the right direction, and we are excited to begin a search process for this staff person. We hope to have someone in place by mid-summer, so that they can begin strongly with the new program year this fall.

We now have two tasks before us: first, we need to celebrate the gift of LYONS, and bring it to a dignified close, working closely with the LYONS board and partner congregations. Second, we need to finalize the position description and begin the search process. Your input is welcome, and your prayers are requested.

With gratitude and hope,

Pastor Van Kley & Pastor Hansen

LYONS Director Bryant Williams Bids Us Farewell

To the Congregations of Lutheran Youth of North Seattle:

Three years ago, I sat in my old office in Anacortes and had already begun thinking of the all the emotions of considering transitioning of ministries.  I was excited for new relationships, adventures, challenges, and moving my personal ministry into the city of Seattle. At the same time, I also found myself saddened with the thought of leaving the students, families, and congregation I had been serving for 3 years. I love that congregation and each person I had met. I feared losing relationships and missing out on the next adventures for the congregation.

Once again, I find myself at this impasse.  I have been called and have accepted the opportunity to become the Youth and Family Ministry Director at Advent Lutheran Church in Mill Creek, Washington.  This call gives me the opportunity to serve in my local community with the church only 5 miles away from my home.  I will be working with members of all ages as we find ways to reach out to the growing community around Mill Creek and Everett. I find myself just as I was before, excited for the journey ahead and the new relationships that will be made. I am nervous and excited for the challenges of planning community engagements for a new congregation and community.

And yet, through all this excitement I find myself sad again.  I am sad to be leaving this expansive community here at LYONS.  I will miss planning out all congregation middle school retreats, hanging out at Herkimer or Ballard First for Coffee Wednesdays, having great conversations over Bible Studies, and the joy that came from our monthly events.  I loved our adventures to Idaho, Bellingham, Ocean Shores, Texas, California, and even exploring the local areas of North Seattle.  I enjoyed laughing, crying, and listening to each of you.  I love celebrating your triumphs and comforting you when life turns sour.  It makes me sad to think of the wonderful sermons I will miss from all your pastors, and the vast knowledge they continue to be excited to share with you about our great faith.

Here is what I do know though: this is not goodbye, this is see you later.  While I may move away from being the director of LYONS I will still be active within our larger church on the synod and national levels.  I look forward to seeing each of your churches find new ways to flourish and continue to grow. I will still celebrate your triumphs and pray for you in times of need. I will wave and give hugs when we run into each other at synod gatherings, at camp, up at Holden Village, dance at the ELCA Youth Gathering, and beyond.  Know that I love every one of you, whether we have talked every day or if we have had just a brief handshake in the passing of peace.

My favorite verse is 1 John 4:16b and it states, “God is love, whoever lives in love, lives in God, and God lives within them.” I encourage each of you to continue to love one another. Continue to be the light, joy, and love that this world needs. Blessings to all of you and we will see you down the road.

God’s Love,
Bryant Williams


Important conversations about LYONS and youth ministry

Over the past several months, your staff, church council, LYONS board and partner churches have been discerning both the future of LYONS and our own youth ministry needs at PRLC. It’s time for you to join the conversation. Please join the pastors and LYONS board representatives in the Fireside Room for one of two conversations coming soon. At these meetings you will hear about the process we have gone through to this point, and be able to share your thoughts, questions, and ideas. Church council members will also be available to hear from you and make sure your voice is represented in upcoming decisions. Current youth and parents are especially encouraged to come. The two identical forums will be held at different times in hopes that one will work for your calendar:

Wednesday, March 20 @ 7:30 pm
Sunday, March 24 @ 12:30 pm

Cross-Generational Lenten Discipline

The children of PRLC will be practicing the Lenten disciplines of gratitude and giving, and we invite you to join them! Each week during Bread for the Journey (our Wednesday evening formation time) the children will be “counting their blessings.” For example, on week one we’ll count how many doors are in our church and our homes, and then we will make an offering for each door, thanking God for the gift of shelter. Maybe you can give one penny for each door in your home. Maybe you can give one dollar for each door! Look for an offering box each week in the narthex. The offering box looks like a barn, because all our offerings will be donated to the ELCA’s God’s Global Barnyard project, which provides livestock and other resources to families around the globe. Look for the “assignment” each week in your bulletin, and bring your loose change or other offering to worship each Sunday. Thanks!

Week One (March 10-16):

Count all the doors in your home; give thanks for the gift of shelter; pray for those without homes; make one offering per door.

Week Two (March 17-23:

Count all of your shoes; give thanks for the gift of clothing; pray for those without adequate clothing; make one offering per pair of shoes.

Week Three (March 24-30):

Count all of the water sources in your home; give thanks for the gift of clean water; pray for those in need of safe water; make one offering per water source (sink, tub, toilet, etc.).

Week Four (March 31-April 6):

Count the supportive people you have in your life; give thanks for friends and family; pray for those who are lonely; make one offering per supportive person in your life.

Week Five (April 7-13):

Count how many meals or snacks you eat this week; give thanks for food and those who make it; pray for the hungry; make one offering per meal or snack you eat in a week.

Week Six (Holy Week):

Count other blessings in your life that we haven’t covered, and bring your final thank offering to worship on Easter Sunday.



Summer 2019 Trips!

Please visit the LYONS website ( to find information about our middle school trip to Lutherwood Oregon and our high school trip to Idaho Servant Adventures, and how you can sign up. Deadline to sign up is March 17

Sunday Night Live (All LYONS)

6:00-8:00pm Sunday February 3
St John United
All LYONS youth and friends are invited to join us for dinner, games, worship, and time with friends.

Snowshoeing with Peak 7 (High School)

7:00am-4:00pm (ish) Wednesday, February 20
Meet at SJU, cost $45
Looking for a great way to get up into the snow during mid-winter break? Join us for a day of snowshoeing at Snoqualmie Pass with Peak 7 Adventures’ guides leading the way. Friends welcome! Please sign up on the LYONS website.

Middle School GO! Night

6:00pm Friday, March 1st – 7:30am Saturday, March 2nd
Meet at St. John United
Cost $45
Join us for a fun filled night with youth from across the Northwest Washington Synod. We will be heading down to St. Matthew’s in Renton for an all night event. We will be doing all sorts of different fun activities, enjoying food, worshipping, and having great fellowship together. As always, friends are more than welcome to join and are highly encouraged to.

Keep Up to Date with LYONS!

If you haven’t already, you can join the LYONS Facebook group (Lutheran Youth of North Seattle), follow us on Instagram (@roaring_lyons), or check out our website

Communion Instruction for Children

At PRLC, all are welcome to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Instruction is appropriate for children at any age that the parents see fit. Many children receive “First Communion” instruction at around Kindergarten or 2nd grade, and then again when they are older and able to think differently about the sacrament. Frankly, we all need instruction throughout our lives! We never fully grasp the mystery.

Pastor Van Kley will offer communion instruction for children in February. She will gear her lesson toward the ages and abilities of those interested. Please contact her directly if this is something you desire for your child, whether communion will be new for them, or if they’ve already been communing but desire further instruction.

Children and Family Minister Update

By now, you’ve probably noticed the absence of a paid Children and Family Minister at PRLC. The position has been vacant since last May. Thanks to our many wonderful volunteers, and the temporary rearranging of some pastoral duties, we have been able to maintain key ministries to our children and youth. But we are certainly operating at a deficit, and one that we don’t want to continue for too long. A dedicated staff person in this role has been sorely missed by our families and our staff. We look forward to filling the position in the near future, but have been discerning what that position should entail, exactly. The resignation of our previous Children and Family Minister has allowed us the opportunity to re-evaluate, to meet with parents and other stakeholders, and to think really intentionally about how to best serve the children, parents, and teens in our midst. During the summer months, Pastor Van Kley met with around two dozen parents of children from birth to age 20. Together we talked about our hopes, dreams, and needs for this position. We talked about budgets and hours and duties. We prayed and pondered and discerned. In November, the church council discussed the position, including the option to hire a full-time Children, Youth, and Family Minister, which would be an increase from our previously held half-time position.

When we look around at who continues to come through our doors, and who is living in our neighborhood, we see an ongoing need to make children and families a priority in this congregation. The pastors, council, stakeholders and staff all agree that children, youth, and family ministry is a congregational priority that should be reflected both in staffing and budget. The decision of whether to hire someone at a full- or half-time level is still pending, but will be made in time for our January congregational meeting. If you have questions or ideas around this topic, please contact Pastor Van Kley. She’d love to hear from you!


Wreath Making December 2

On Sunday, Dec. 2, we will have fresh evergreen branches and other supplies available in the church library. Your family is invited to use these items to create an Advent Wreath for use in your home. We’ll also have resources available to help guide your Advent devotions. Sunday School and Adult Forum will continue as usual that day, so plan to make time either before or after worship for this do-it-yourself activity. If you have a reusable metal ring from last year, please bring it with you!