Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church Seeking Parish Administrator

Job Description

The Parish Administrator at Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church and Child Development Center serves as chief steward of the financial health and properties of our congregation. Responsibilities include the day-to-day maintenance of the building, property, and furnishings of the congregation.

Matters of Parish Management

  • Provide effective management of the parish’s financial health and record keeping: accurate recording and deposit of all income, accounts payable, preparation and oversight of budget, payroll preparation, and benefit administration for parish and CDC staff.
  • Serve on Executive Committee of Congregational Council, Personnel Committee, Endowment Committee, and Columbarium Committee. Provide organization for monthly Council Meetings. As the chief financial representative, prepare required monthly financial statements.
  • Provide direct supervision for Office Manager, Custodial Staff, and others as assigned. Assist the custodial and volunteer maintenance staff in developing, scheduling, and executing a preventive maintenance program.
  • Oversee and manage facility use by community groups to share available space, while prioritizing the church’s worship, fellowship, musical, and educational needs.

Provide a place to worship God

  •  Seek out and manage outside contractors when needed for the purpose of preserving, maintaining, and updating the facility in which we worship and from which we serve, demonstrating good stewardship, with a concern for beauty and effectiveness.
  • Ensure the appropriate protection of the church property through insurance coverage and maintain compliance with all fire, health, and safety codes.

Accountability, Personal and Professional Growth

  • The Parish Administrator is supervised by the Lead Pastor, and is accountable to the congregation through the Church Council.
  • The Parish Administrator will receive an annual salary, commensurate with experience. Exact hours of work are to be negotiated; 40 hours per week.

Desired Skills for PRLC Parish Administrator

  • A BA in Business Administration, Business, or Project Management is strongly preferred
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office, Quick Books, and related software solutions
  • An ability to assist with computer hardware solutions is a plus
  • Basic accounting/bookkeeping skills
  • Ability to multitask effectively
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other staff, the Pastors, and the Congregation
  • Ability to establish credentials to work with all populations by providing evidence of a criminal background check, fingerprinting, and/or drug testing.
  • Have a valid Washington State Driver’s License, and proof of insurability


Applications for this position can be sent to Pastor Bryon Hansen, Please include cover letter and résumé.

From the Child Development Center

~ CDC Director Tim Sullivan

This month I want to start giving you a vision of what happens downstairs in the CDC and talk about why it is important.  The first area of learning I want to talk about is sensory play.  In this place all our children get chances to learn about their world by exploring it using all their senses, both indoors and out.  We take field trips out in nature where the children can touch, smell, feel, and even taste things.  We explore plants, sea life, ponds and wetlands, and even snow out around our area.  We bring sensory projects into the classroom as well.  Some of our favorite activities we use in our sensory tables are water, chocolate pudding, cornstarch and water, soap and oil, and condensed milk with water colors. The possibilities for giving children new sensory experiences are almost endless, and as teachers we love to watch the children learn and grow through this play.  Sensory exploration is crucial for children.  It builds nerve connections in their young brains, developing pathways which build their ability to complete more complex tasks later in life.  It supports language development, cognitive growth, problem solving skills, and — perhaps most important of all — social interaction.  Our children have a great time at school exploring their world with all their senses, and it’s amazing to watch.  While sometimes it looks just like a mess, our child development professionals at Phinney know how important these experiences are for our children, and take the time to create new learning opportunities for them daily.


Pastor’s Page

The Lenten Journey

Standing at the precipice of the waters, those about to be baptized are asked to renounce the forces of evil, the powers that defy God, and the ways of sin that draw us from God.  The catechumen responds, “I renounce them!”  Here at Phinney the initial renunciation is followed by those affirming their baptism and then a third time by the entire assembly.  The tenor of the final renunciation is so wonderfully loud and spirited that it feels like we are raising the roof.

The season of Lent is about getting ready for Easter and the pivotal moment of Baptism. Surrounded by the community, women and men are asked to publicly claim their allegiance to Christ.  Once the newly baptized emerge from the waters they are prayed over and anointed with the gift of God’s Spirit.   One way our candidates in the WAY prepare for the Easter Vigil is to ask: “What do I need to learn to risk or renounce in order to accept what Jesus is offering?”   All of us are invited to pray the question with them.  The scope of this discernment is both personal and communal.  What are we asked to renounce?

This Lent we are making a greater space for this kind of discernment.  The Adult Forums on Sunday morning will include honest reflection upon some of the systems that seek to tear us away from holy love: racism, sexism, neglect of the environment, and consumerism.  These forums will include testimony from those who have experienced these realities firsthand, and an exploration of what a faithful response looks like.

The lectionary readings for Lent will serve up rich images for such discernment.  Look for it, too, in the preaching.  Like we do every year in Lent, we will pray over those in the WAY process as they journey toward Easter.  This year, the 8th grade confirmation students will be among those for whom we pray because they, too, will renew their baptismal vows at the Easter Vigil.

These questions around renouncing are in service to a greater question: “What is Jesus offering to you, to us, and to all the world?”  God’s invitation in Lent is return to God afresh and to the free waters of grace to discover life and love.

God’s Peace,
Pastor Hansen


Cross-Generational Lenten Discipline

The children of PRLC will be practicing the Lenten disciplines of gratitude and giving, and we invite you to join them! Each week during Bread for the Journey (our Wednesday evening formation time) the children will be “counting their blessings.” For example, on week one we’ll count how many doors are in our church and our homes, and then we will make an offering for each door, thanking God for the gift of shelter. Maybe you can give one penny for each door in your home. Maybe you can give one dollar for each door! Look for an offering box each week in the narthex. The offering box looks like a barn, because all our offerings will be donated to the ELCA’s God’s Global Barnyard project, which provides livestock and other resources to families around the globe. Look for the “assignment” each week in your bulletin, and bring your loose change or other offering to worship each Sunday. Thanks!

Week One (March 10-16):

Count all the doors in your home; give thanks for the gift of shelter; pray for those without homes; make one offering per door.

Week Two (March 17-23:

Count all of your shoes; give thanks for the gift of clothing; pray for those without adequate clothing; make one offering per pair of shoes.

Week Three (March 24-30):

Count all of the water sources in your home; give thanks for the gift of clean water; pray for those in need of safe water; make one offering per water source (sink, tub, toilet, etc.).

Week Four (March 31-April 6):

Count the supportive people you have in your life; give thanks for friends and family; pray for those who are lonely; make one offering per supportive person in your life.

Week Five (April 7-13):

Count how many meals or snacks you eat this week; give thanks for food and those who make it; pray for the hungry; make one offering per meal or snack you eat in a week.

Week Six (Holy Week):

Count other blessings in your life that we haven’t covered, and bring your final thank offering to worship on Easter Sunday.


Adult Christian Education in March

Dwelling in the Lenten Word

A small study group for adults will take place at Bread for the Journey during Lent.

Join Pastor Hansen for a discussion and reflection on the Sunday Gospels:

  • Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness
  • his lament over Jerusalem
  • the barren fig tree
  • the prodigal son, and
  • Mary’s lavish anointing of Jesus before his death

Let these rich passages shape your Lenten journey.  We meet beginning March 13th and through Lent in the Fireside room at 6:30 p.m. following the BfJ meal.

Circles in March

The Circles will not meet in March, but all members are encouraged to attend Lenten midweek services and lunch every Wednesday.

Lenten Devotionals Available

Mind the Gap, a daily devotional for the season of Lent written by PRLC member Nancy Monelli, is now available on Sunday mornings at the Grace Station. The suggested donation for each book is $5, and all proceeds will benefit the Circle of Welcome Refugee Ministry of Lutheran Community Services Northwest.



Adult Forums in Lent

I Renounce Them!

Join us for a series of special Adult Forums during Lent as we seek to discern together what we need to renounce as we join those preparing for baptism at the Easter Vigil. All forums take place at 10:00 on Sunday mornings in the Tree of Life Room.

Lent 1, March 10, 2019 – What Are We Renouncing?

Join the discussion with Pastor Hansen as we explore the wondrous gift of baptism and probe the questions: “Do you renounce the forces of evil, the systems that defy God, the ways of sin that draw you from God?”

Lent 2, March 17, 2019 – Renouncing Racism

Vicar Elizabeth Peter will lead this discussion and provide testimony.  There will also be an exploration of resources from the PRLC Race and Equity Team.

Lent 3, March 24, 2019 – Renouncing Sexism

The discussion will be led by Pastor Van Kley and include a look at the ELCA Social Statement on “Women & Justice.”

Lent 4, March 31, 2019 – Renouncing Homophobia and Transphobia

We will continue to explore what it means for us to be a Reconciling in Christ congregation and hear testimony from those facing this form of discrimination today.

Lent 5, April 7, 2019 – Renouncing Consumerism and Exploitation of the Earth

Join us as we explore God’s call to stewardship of the earth and reflect upon the systems and practices that seek to dominate the creation. Led by Ryan Ferrer, Cara Scheffler, and Robert Wall.

Passion/Palm Sunday, April 14, 2019 – Renouncing Together at the Easter Vigil

Having explored these renunciations in depth, what will our common prayer look like in preparation for the Three Days of Easter?