Semi-Annual Election Meeting and Potluck

This Sunday April 30, 2017 at 5pm

This Sunday evening at 5:00 our congregational meeting will begin with a potluck in Fellowship Hall. We gather to elect new council members, members of the Endowment and Audit Committees, and delegates to the Synod Assembly. We will also receive the Endowment Committee Report, and hear updates on projects related to building enhancements. Finally, this is an opportunity to meet and welcome our newest members journeying through the WAY, and to participate in the PRLC Discernment Process. Be sure to be there!


Help for Jena

More than once, you’ve heard me say “Never resist a generous impulse.”  It is one of the ways we live as disciples of Jesus.  I saw this in action last Sunday when several of you asked about helping the family of Patrick Meagher, our Minister of Outreach, in the months ahead as his wife Jena will be receiving radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  You can practice generosity by contributing to a special fund to assist the family with Jena’s medical bills and other expenses.  If you want to contribute to the fund, please make checks out to PRLC and in the Memo line write: “Jena’s Fund.”  You may also contact Kirsten, our Parish Administrator.  In addition, you can sign up to bring meals to the Meagher family and help in other ways by accessing Jena’s Caring Bridge Website.  Please offer healing prayers for Jena and prayers for Patrick and Kloe as well.

Pastor Hansen

Prayer Vigil 2017

As our WAY candidates ready themselves for baptism or affirmation of baptism, we as a congregation have a tradition of holding them each in prayer for the 24 hours leading up to Easter Vigil. We do this by individually signing up to pray for a specific half-hour in that 24-hour span, referring to the prayer requests they have shared, which you can read in the prayer vigil brochure below.

We still have some slots to fill in this vigil. Click on this link to see who has signed up for what time, and to sign up for one yourself. (Click on the “edit document” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.) It’s a shared Word document, so you should be able to just type in your name where you want it, and we’ll all be able to see it.

Blessings in these Great Three Days.

Prayer vigil requests brochure 2017 [pdf]

PRLC GROUNDS WORK PARTY this Saturday, April 1 – Rain or Shine!

We plan to:

  • Clean Planting beds & place mulch;
  • Prune hedges & trim shrubs;
  • Rake and mow the lawn.

Many hands make light work! Come help an hour, or stay the entire time (9:30am-2:30pm). Lunch will be provided. Some tools are available, but please bring GLOVES!! Other hand tools would be helpful, such as pruners, rakes and shovels, and smiles!

Service hours available for middle and high school kids.

The Pastor’s Page – April 2017

Easter Overflows with the Grace of God

It is indeed right, our duty and our joy, that we should at all times and in all places give thanks and praise to you, almighty and merciful God, for the glorious resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ, the true Paschal Lamb who gave himself to take away our sin, who in dying has destroyed death, and in rising has brought us to eternal life. And so, with Mary Magdalene and Peter and all the witnesses of the resurrection, with earth and sea and all their creatures, and with angels and archangels, cherubim and seraphim, we praise your name and join their unending hymn …

– The Eucharistic Preface for Easter, Evangelical Lutheran Worship

The Easter preface is instructive. We are reminded that the chorus of praise to God extends well beyond the gathered church assembly. We add our songs of praise to the eternal hymn of the cosmos.

This reality sets in for me in a big way every year during the great Three Days when I get the sense that I’m caught up in something bigger than myself.

I find that to be especially true at the Easter Vigil. We ask God to bless fire, water, oil, bread, wine and God uses this stuff of creation to touch us and renew our lives. In the Easter Proclamation, we bid heaven and earth and all creation to rejoice with us. In fact, this ancient hymn of praise acknowledges the bees as God’s servants for they played a big role in producing the wax of the Paschal Candle!

The wonderful stories from the Hebrew Scriptures are more than a retelling of events in the past. They proclaim God’s saving work in the present. When we join the procession to the baptismal pool, pouring water from a special vessel, we join our stories to the great story of God’s redeeming love.

On this night when new Christians emerge from the baptismal waters, we welcome them not only to this faith community but to the Christian church that spans the world and transcends time and space.  And a redeemed earth and the choirs of heaven joins us in giving thanks at the table.

Easter overflows with the grace of God. The church, Christ’s very own body, made new again at font, word, and table is renewed and so joins God in God’s work of renewing the world. Christ is risen indeed. Alleluia!

Pastor Hansen