Communications and Office Manager Position Available

Communications & Office Manager

Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church is seeking applicants for the position of Communications and Office Manager. If you are interested, please email a resume and cover letter to by 6:00 on Wednesday, May 29, 2019.

About Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church

Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church is a thriving Christian community welcoming all.   We strive to welcome people of every ability, age, citizenship status, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, language, life circumstance, marital status, political perspective, race, and sexual orientation.  Believers, doubters and seekers are welcome and valued.  Our life of faith, individually and communally, is nurtured and strengthened around the gift of worship.  We value faith formation for children and adults alike and seek to live out the core values of life together in common worship and prayer, proclaiming the good news of God’s love, serving all people following the example of Jesus, and striving for justice and peace in all the world.

About the Communications and Office Manager

The Communications & Office Manager at Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church serves as an integral part of the ministry team.  The position of Office Manager supports the mission and ministry of Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church primarily by providing secretarial, administrative, and communications support to the Pastors, Parish Administrator, and the Congregation.  By the power of the Holy Spirit, this position will allow a committed person to develop a comprehensive ministry:

Maintain church building and activity calendar:

  • Coordinate church-related room use on the church calendar using Microsoft Outlook
  • Direct facility rental inquiries to Parish Administrator and enter room use commitments as directed
  • Post church activities and events to website calendar
  • Publish each week’s calendar of activities and events in the weekly worship bulletin

Assist with Worship Assistant coordination:

  • Email each month’s Worship Assistant Schedule (or send via U.S. Mail to those who do not have email accounts) to all Worship Assistants (Assisting Ministers, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, and Acolytes)
  • Post the Worship Assistant schedule to the church website
  • Send out a reminder email (or postcard to those who do not get email) every Tuesday to all Worship Assistants scheduled for the upcoming Sunday, including lectionary readings for the lectors
  • Provide contact lists upon request to Worship Assistants who need to find subs for themselves when schedule conflicts arise

Plan, organize, contribute, edit, produce, update, and make copyright reports on parish communications, including:

  • Tower Echoes (the monthly parish newsletter) both print and email editions
  • Weekly worship bulletin and “Count Me In” sheets
  • Annual reports to congregation and to Synod
  • Weekly congregational email update (using Constant Contact)
  • Parish membership directory
  • Signage throughout the parish, including the outdoor reader board
  • Church website
  • PRLC Facebook page

Manage the office reception area and Sunday morning Grace Station:

  • Open and close the office in accordance with published hours
  • Ensure that the reception area is clean and welcoming every morning and throughout the day
  • Greet all visitors hospitably and professionally, distributing Outreach assistance such as emergency food bags and Metro bus tickets to those who ask
  • Answer telephones and direct calls
  • Regularly update recorded telephone greetings to reflect current staff, service times, etc.
  • Ensure that office reception coverage is in place at all times during office hours, including during the Office Manager’s lunch break
  • Recruit, train, and nurture a small staff of office volunteers to assist in office reception and miscellaneous administrative and pastoral tasks
  • Provide Grace Station coverage on Sunday mornings:
    • Greet members and visitors, answer questions, provide directions, assist pastors, and maintain active communication between the church office and members of the congregation and visitors
    • Arrange Grace Station coverage by a volunteer on Sundays when Office Manager is on a planned absence
  • Collect and track attendance information, prayer requests, and volunteer responses from the Sunday “Count Me In” sheets:
  • Maintain Excel spreadsheet with attendance figures throughout the year
  • Enter prayer requests in to the following week’s bulletin (if permitted) and forward them to the lead pastor
  • Record volunteer responses in the “Count Me In” notebook and contact the concerned organizers with the list of respondents

Practical matters

Manage maintenance and upkeep on office equipment, including:

  • Printer/ Scanner
  • Postage meter
  • Fax machine
  • Paper folding machine
  • Stapling machine
  • Shredder

Manage inventory of the following:

  • All office supplies, printer paper, printer toner, postage stamps for occasional use, coffee, tea, and some miscellaneous items, and order/purchase as necessary or requested.

Maintain membership and attendance records on membership database (Servant Keeper) and in the Congregational Record

Distribute daily incoming mail and deliveries

Assist with other parish responsibilities as required

Accountability, Personal and Professional Growth

The Communications & Office Manager is supervised by the Parish Administrator, and is expected to communicate with and report to the Parish Administrator on a day-to-day basis, be accountable to the congregation through the Church Council, and exercise this ministry within the policies of the parish and with the guidance of the Council and the Lead Pastor.

To this end, the Communications & Office Manager will:

  • Prepare a weekly Communications & Office Manager’s Report (including a printed calendar of church and building events for current and upcoming month) for review at the weekly staff meeting
  • Develop and attend to an annual plan for spiritual and professional growth to discuss with the Parish Administrator.  Funds and time for continuing education are provided annually.


Office Manager will receive an annual salary commensurate with experience.

Hours of work:  Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., up to 40 hours per week

Desired Qualifications

  • Familiarity with and grounding in the theology, language, liturgies, procedures, and policies of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • Skills in teamwork and leadership
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to manage and prioritize many and varied tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to communicate a genuine concern for others and a passion for the Gospel of Christ and the Mission of Christ’s Church in the world
  • Proficiency with the following office equipment and software:
    • printer / scanner
    • fax machine
    • postage meter
    • folding machine
    • personal computer
    • Microsoft Office Suite and other related software
    • Parish membership database
  • Willingness to produce evidence of criminal background check, fingerprinting, drug testing, and availing oneself of continuing education opportunities around sexual abuse and boundary violation issues
  • Not a current member of Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church

Job description: Communications & Office Manager [pdf]

Come sing or play music!

Phinney Bread for the Journey concert May 15


A Concert to celebrate our musical community and benefit the ELCA program God’s Global Barnyard


All Phinney children and youth are invited to perform music: sing or play a solo, duet, group number, give a preview of your upcoming recital piece, have fun! Any style of music is welcome. We welcome your help to make the concert a success!


May 15th, our second-to-last BFJ, following the the Confirmation dinner.


The PRLC sanctuary


Phinney kids have played music in the past to benefit the family shelter of Mary’s Place. BFJ is winding down so this will be a fun chance to enjoy music together and support a program that seeks to aid people all over the world, supplying people with animals, bees, even water filters and solar lanterns, everything to make their lives better.


Contact our children’s choir director Evelyn Hartwell if you can sing or play something that night! Email Evelyn by Wednesday, May 8th.


All are welcome to enjoy the concert. Treats to follow!


Here’s more info on God’s Global Barnyard:

What is the difference between ELCA Good Gifts and similar organizations?

Many other organizations are doing wonderful work around the world, and some do work in similar ways. A main difference between the ELCA and other programs is that this church receives almost all of the money to fund its work directly through its congregations and members, and almost all of the money that we distribute goes to support the work being carried out by our congregations, global companion churches and ecumenical partners. This is unique because the church is our delivery system. It is successful because the church is present in far corners of the world and already connected and trusted in communities. And finally, it is sustainable. Our churches and partners are the ones who identify local needs and solutions; we just help make those dreams a reality.

What about animals? How can I talk about the importance of animals with others?

Your gifts to God’s Global Barnyard support the sustainable development ministries of ELCA World Hunger, which include training, education, resources (and much more) to help the community care for animals and create new market opportunities like starting a small business selling eggs, meat or dairy products. Your gifts support this comprehensive approach to animal husbandry.

Pastor’s Page

As I write these reflections I am still basking in the glow of the Three Days.  Allow me to share a few reflections from moments that captured my attention.

What a sight to behold people washing one another’s feet on Maundy Thursday.  It is an odd and potentially embarrassing sort of gesture.  Every year, in fact, the prospect of having the foot washing makes me more than a little anxious, but I would never think of abandoning this ritual. It is a practice through which God touches us, surprises us, and shows us something of the power of Gospel love.  WAY sponsors and candidates washed each other’s feet, as well as children and parents, friends and strangers.  As I witnessed these things, my tears began to well up.

On Good Friday, the wooden cross is brought into the assembly and that is followed by a time for members of the assembly to approach the cross, reverence it, light candles, and pray.  It was a wonder to behold all kinds of people coming together at the foot of the cross. More than once, I felt I was seeing a preview of how the world will one day be.

How can one choose just one moment at the Easter Vigil? There are so many. Here’s just one: the cantor chanted the ancient and beautiful Easter proclamation and the assembly responded, “This is the Night.” Then the children led us in a song that further extolled the light provided by the Paschal Candle. At the last acclamation of “the light of Christ,” everyone raised their individual candle. I felt this was an act paying homage to Christ who dispels all darkness.

So many sights, sounds, actions, and gestures. One of the reasons the church now celebrates the 50 days of Easter is that it takes at least that long to unpack these sacred moments from the Three Days. The ancient term, “mystagogy” refers to the practice of unpacking the mysteries. That is what we will do in the WAY, in formation groups, and most of all in Sunday worship.

As I reflect on the aforementioned moments, I glimpse the reign of God in action: washing one another’s’ feet as the holy alternative to competing with your neighbor; people discovering their common identity around the self-emptying love of the crucified one as an alternative to finding identity around a cause; and worshiping the one whose kingdom is antithetical to the kingdoms of empire.

These moments, for me, revealed something of the nature of Jesus and the reign of God. Now, as we celebrate these great 50 days of Easter, I wonder how these marks of the Kingdom will shape our praying and living.

Alleluia! Christ is risen. Christ is risen indeed!

Pastor Hansen


Spring Meeting and Potluck

Sunday May 5, 2019 at 12:30

Our annual election meeting is on Sunday, May 5 following the second service. At this congregational meeting we will:

  • elect members to the parish council, various committees, and delegates to our synod assembly (candidates are listed below)
  • vote on proposed changes to the PRLC Constitution
  • hear updates on Children Youth and Family Ministry and Phinney Houses
  • receive the Endowment Fund report

This is a potluck meal, so please bring a favorite dish to share.



President, Jill Yetman
Vice-President, Russ Simonson
Secretary, Signe Roscoe
Treasurer, Todd Wathey

Council at large positions

Shannon McCarthy
Brian Gruber
George Snelling


No positions this year

Endowment Committee

Dana Visser
Matthew Eng

Synod Assembly Delegates

Jenn Boelter
Don Boelter
Jannah Ferguson
Colin Ferguson
Trygg Magelssen