PRLC Men’s Retreat 2018

October 19, 2018      6pm-10pm
October 20, 2018      9am-4:30pm

Make plans to join us for a fun time of connection exploring the life of the Apostle Peter. On the evening of October 19th and all day on the 20th, we’ll gather at PRLC to connect with the story of Peter, with God, and with each other. Don’t miss breakout workshops, worship, delicious lunch at Gorgeous George, a trivia challenge, and many more creative ways to be together. This event is great for all identifying men college age and up. Can you bring a friend or two? Registration fee is $55 (scholarships available), and includes t-shirt, notebook, and Saturday lunch. Please see the retreat brochure below for more details. Registrations due by October 3rd to secure a t-shirt size!

Men’s Retreat 2018 brochure [pdf]

Pastor’s Page

Every Day Is a New Beginning

Sis Dakan, longtime saint of Phinney, died in early August.  Before breathing her last Sis said, “Every day is a new beginning.”  Sis’ s last words are now permanently imprinted on my heart and mind.  While none of us can explain what happens after death, we trust that God will make of it a new beginning.  The funeral preface for Holy Communion in the Book of Common Prayer says it this way: “For your faithful people, Lord, life has changed, not ended…”

Maybe Sis’s last words can function as a kind of mantra for living as well as dying.  Martin Luther advised we begin each day by making the sign of the cross to remember our baptism.  By such a gesture we embrace each day as a new beginning.  A daily ritual like making the sign of the cross isn’t all that different from commending our beloved dead to God’s eternal care.  Both are gestures of surrender and trust.  For Christians, new beginnings aren’t declarations of “getting it right” or resolutions to try harder.  Beginning anew is rather a gesture of prayer, trusting God to do a new thing.  And God has an uncanny knack for bringing newness through the forgiveness of sins, the healing of relationships, and renewing love.

One of the things I’ve noted about the journey of grief, be it grieving our beloved dead or grieving loss in our relationships, is that God, who weeps with us, also works to bring life from death, especially when enemies becomes friends, the estranged are reconciled, and when we give up control.  Life changes, it doesn’t end.

Sis’s mantra might serve us well as we launch into autumn and the beginning of a new program year.  It’s back-to-school time, and it’s that time of the year when a host of parish activities reemerge – BFJ, the WAY, Sunday school, circles, choirs and much more.   In many instances, God’s work will be cloaked in new wineskins: new staff members, a new vicar, and a few new approaches to forming disciples young and old.  Yet, even with the “tried and true,” God always seems to be up to something new and life-giving and life-changing.

Consider making this something of a daily practice – make the sign of the cross on your forehead, chest and shoulders.  Remember you belong to God who, through the gift of baptism has set you apart to love your neighbor.  Breathe in deeply the gift of prayer and say something like “Every day is a new beginning.”

Pastor Hansen


Financial Update

July expenses were under budget, but so was the church income; we appreciate all who are sending in their offering by mail even when they’re headed out of town. Thank you for your faithful support of Phinney’s many ministries!

For an update that will include August numbers, please look for an announcement in a future bulletin.

Have you ever considered using Simply Giving for regular electronic contributions?. Now would be a good time to sign up. Due to lower attendance in worship, summer time offerings predictably dip, while most monthly church expenses stay the same—regular scheduled contributions via Simply Giving help reduce that discrepancy! Over 90 PRLC households currently participate in this program, which is easy to set up, to change or to stop. You can choose to contribute from a checking account or via credit card, and specify the general operating budget and/or designated funds.

Electronic fund transfers give you peace of mind that your stewardship commitment is taken care of and that PRLC receives predictable revenues, even when you’re away from home. And you’ll never need to play “catch up” at the end of the year.

For more information, please request a sign-up form at Grace Station, find the “Online Giving” button on our website’s home page, or contact me in the office. Thank you!


Kirsten Olshausen

Parish Administrator

Read the Koran in Four Weeks

Thursdays, October 4, 11, 18 and 25, 7-9pm at First Lutheran Church, West Seattle

Check out this unique class taught by Pastor Marshall since 2003. The cost is $50 – which covers over a hundred handouts from Islamic scholars on Islam and the Koran, as well as your own copy of an approved English translation of the Koran. Enrollment is limited. Call or email to register or ask questions: 206-935-6530 or For more information on the class, see, “Reading the Koran with Pastor Marshall.”