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Our Facebook group has nearly 200 members made up of PRLC members and friends of PRLC. Individuals have posted some interesting links that are worth sharing with the larger congregation, including those not active on Facebook. Open the link below to find a list of links shared this past month!

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Looking in the Rear View Mirror

It has been two weeks since my husband and I received our “Farewell and Godspeed” blessing and reception at PRLC – thank you for that! While some work details still cross my mind every so often, even as I am trying to “let go”, I am now actively pursuing my next goals, which are to prepare our Sammamish home for rental, and to move to the Denver area to re-join my husband.

However, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the members and staff who sent me so many kind messages and cards! It has meant a lot to me to hear from you, and I will not forget the many wonderful relationships I formed with the people at PRLC and the Child Development Center. Thank you, God bless you, until we meet again.

Kirsten Olshausen

(PRLC’s former Parish Administrator)


Pastor’s Page

Easter Is Present Tense

“Christ is risen!”

I love the present tense of this Easter greeting.  It helps us see Easter as more than an event embedded in the past. It is a mystery surrounding and surpassing all time and space. The death and resurrection of Christ is the very heartbeat of the Christian life and community.

Early Christians, I believe, had a deep and abiding sense of this mystery. Over the centuries this dynamic sense of God’s newness diminished. For example, a robust celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection as one saving event developed into a series of separate events during the medieval period. These services became reenactments of the Passion story. In the 20th century we began to uncover the more primitive celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection, most notably in the celebration of the Triduum, commonly known as the Three Days.

See the Triduum as one liturgy spanning three days. What begins on Maundy Thursday continues on Good Friday, finds its culmination at the Great Vigil of Easter, and spills over into Easter Sunday morning. We immerse ourselves in the entire celebration because Jesus’ death and resurrection are not separate events, but one saving reality.

It may surprise us to learn that when we begin the Three Days our Lenten journey has already ended and the mystery of Easter begins to unfold.  Sure, we remember that on this night Jesus washed his disciples’ feet and established the Lord’s Supper, but it is God who is primarily re-membering us, breathing new life into Christ’s body, and making new disciples at the waters of baptism.

Make no mistake, on Maundy Thursday we remember the night Jesus gave us the Eucharist, washed his disciples’ feet, and began his journey to the Cross, but when we gather on this night it is the Risen Jesus who commands us to love one another, stoops to wash our feet, and feeds us at his table of mercy.

Good Friday is a day for prayer, simplicity, and even austerity, but don’t forget that it is the Risen Christ who reigns victorious on the Cross. We gather around this throne of grace to pray for all the world and to ponder Jesus’ promise made true that “when I am lifted up, I will draw all people to myself.”

When we gather around the new fire on Saturday evening to light the Paschal Candle, the new candle will display for the first time, the numbers 2019, and the refrain of “This is the night” throughout the ancient hymn says that Christ is doing a new thing. It is the Risen Christ who shines light in the darkness, speaks his living word of grace through the scriptures, washes and anoints new Christians, and brings us to the bread and cup of blessing.

Come to the Three Days – the entire Three Days.  Come with all your senses to pay attention and be in awe of the words, sounds, sights, gestures, tastes and smells.  Approach the Three Days as one liturgy, one moment, one event, one celebration. Come to remember the amazing things God has done and most of all, see what God is up to now.  Join in the great chorus: “Christ is risen!  Christ is risen indeed!  Alleluia!”


Pastor Hansen


Greetings from the Child Development Center

~ CDC Director Tim Sullivan

This month I am going to talk about science and what we do in our school to promote scientific discovery and why it is important.

In this place the staff and I see all the children as scientists, and we set up our classrooms and projects with that in mind.  Children love to experiment, explore, and figure out how the world works, which is exactly what a scientist does.  We create a safe place where we allowed even our youngest children to do these things both in the classroom as well as out in the world. We are constantly bringing our children to new places to explore our world, as well as bringing in new activities for the children to explore.  Children do not need to be taught how to be scientists.  Children wonder, explore, and discover through their play naturally; as teachers it’s our job to stay out of the way and allow them the space and time to do these things.

There is no greater joy I get out of my profession than to watch a child discover something new for the first time and see the intrinsic joy of learning all over their faces.


PRLC’s Race and Equity Team

What is the “Race and Equity” team? Several years ago a group of us met to explore what racism really is, how we are affected by it and how we perpetuate it. We worked our way through an ELCA curriculum called “Troubling the Waters.” This was followed by a book group, listening to a podcast together and two Adult Forums. We have learned much and have just scratched the surface of where we need to continue to go. As a group we will continue to explore this. Please watch for more info on how you can become a part of this. We are currently planning events for the next few months. Please know this is NOT a closed group, all are welcome to join and give feedback.

If you have any questions here are a few of us who have been involved so far:

Barb Mockett, Tiffany Megargee, Signe Roscoe, Jenn Boelter, Alice Gregory, Erica Shutes-David and of course your pastors

Thanks, Patty Maier (

P.S. Check out the “Justice/Priviledge” section in the library!!  We have had a few books donated and Luci Baker Johnson has done a great job of putting it all together.


Outreach News

~ Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher

Easter Breakfast to Benefit the Outreach Fund

Can you smell the cinnamon rolls?  On Easter morning we welcome the glory of the risen Christ and the return of our collective “Alleluia” to worship. We also share our biggest communal meal of the year! Dedicated volunteers create and serve Easter Breakfast to everyone from 9-11am. There is no price tag for breakfast, but a free-will donation is taken to cover expenses and support the Parish Outreach Fund.

Already in 2019 the Outreach Fund has helped individuals like Shalane keep her phone on, Emilio finally attain permanent housing, and Shawn with a tank of gas to stay warm while he spends a couple of weeks in his van awaiting housing.

Easter Breakfast is the Fund’s largest single fundraiser of the year, and your generosity is appreciated to continue our ministry of direct financial assistance for community members in need. Look for opportunities to volunteer at the breakfast on your Count Me In form in April.

Food Bank Transition Moving Along

Despite the snow, we enjoyed a great turnout at our Feb 10 volunteer training on the new procedures. Thank you to all who came and especially those who signed up for new shifts! What a joy to have so many people behind our new adventure. We went “live” the week following the training, and continue to train volunteers along the way. By all accounts the new procedures create an easier and more productive food bank experience for both clients and volunteers.

I’ve been especially appreciative of the commitment of those volunteers who don’t feel comfortable on the computer. I’ve worked with a few of you to learn the new software and become proficient at entering a client visit. Your bravery and flexibility to learn something new has been an inspiration to me! Thank you to all volunteers for your commitment to this vital community ministry. We’ll continue to improve and promote our food bank and hopefully we’ll be reaching more clients in the year ahead.


Children, Youth, and Families

Save the Date!

This year’s snow threw our usual schedule off a bit, but we now have dates! Vacation Bible School will meet this year from July 8-12. Mark your calendars and get ready for fun!

Communion Instruction for Children

Communion instruction for children will take place on Saturday, April 13 from 1 to 3 pm, beginning in the Fellowship Hall. The class is geared toward children between the ages of 4 and 8, give or take a couple of years. Please contact Pastor Van Kley to confirm your place! The class is for children and their parents together, so please have at least one adult stay with your child/ren.

Key Dates for Spring