Big Kitchen News

by Christina Sunstone

Have you ever thanked God for rats?

You might consider doing so now. It was earlier this year that we got the very unwelcome news that rats had found a weak spot around one of the drainpipes and had chewed their way into our Fellowship Hall kitchen.

It’s a long story, but I will make short: when the building closed in mid-March, member David Cress got serious about solving this problem, breaking up the concrete, opening up the floor, and tearing out a good twelve feet of cast iron drainpipe beneath the dishwasher – pipe so badly corroded it was open all along the bottom. It had been seeping gray water into the soil, enticing vermin with its delicious, sewer-y aroma, for no one knows how long.

As of press time, David has replaced the corroded drainpipe, welded improvements into the stainless steel worktable, updated the dishwasher mechanics, and (with the help of fellow member Ken Roscoe) poured a new cement floor over the drainpipe. Before the building reopens, we plan to give the whole kitchen a deep clean and a new coat of paint.

If not for those unwelcome rats, we might not have known about the mess lurking under the kitchen floor. So thank God for rats!

Our building turns 70 years old this year, and doubtless holds more surprises in store. If you would like to express your appreciation for our facility and for the work of our volunteers, we invite you to make a donation to our dedicated building fund. You can do this by check or online.