Outreach Update

Food Bank Update – Still Open!
The PRLC food bank remains open to continue to serve our clients despite the challenges of this unusual season. In fact, during yesterday’s shift we met new clients who sought us out specifically because of lost hours at work related to the quarantine. We’ve followed recommendations to limit interactions with and between our clients, and stepped up our sanitization practices. We’ve encouraged volunteers to make their own decisions about whether they’re able to continue to serve, and we understand and fully support anyone who can’t work. If you’re not a regular food bank volunteer, but suddenly find yourself with a lot of time on your hands (especially on Tuesdays from 1–3pm or Wednesdays from 6–8pm!), please let Minister of Outreach Patrick know if you want to lend a hand. We can all work together to keep this vital service available to our community while protecting our higher-risk volunteers.

Circle of Welcome Update
Our team is following basic safety guidelines set out by Lutheran Community Services Northwest, but work continues with our wonderful family from Afghanistan. They have certainly been through challenges before, and we continue to grow in our service to them. One BIG way you can help this effort is to donate to our Lenten fundraiser for rent support for our family. We intended to do this fundraising at church, but have had to shift our focus to an online campaign. If you follow the link for online donations on the church website, you can designate “Refugee Outreach” as part of your gift. If the online process doesn’t work for you, please consider mailing a check to the church, or find our fundraiser on the PRLC Facebook Group page. Thanks for helping out! 

Outreach Assistance Continues
We’ll continue to offer emergency financial assistance through the Outreach Fund even while the office is closed. Minister of Outreach Patrick will work with clients over phone and email, and do whatever can be done to safely administer help during this time when need is likely to increase. If you know of people in need, please send them our way either to outreach@prlc.org or the church phone number of 206-783-2350. Please consider contributing to the Outreach Fund so we can bring stability and care to more people. Thank you for your partnership in this ministry!