Office and Financial Updates – March 18, 2020

Assistance and Church Office Closure

If you have an unmet need, or hear of one among members of the church community, please email so we can make these known. Likewise, if you are able to assist with grocery runs or in other ways, please let us know.

The church office will be temporarily closed, but staff members will continue to check email and voicemail remotely.

From the Administrator’s Office

One of the impacts of coronavirus containment on PRLC is financial. In-person worship services and special events with outside groups have all been canceled, and the revenue they would have generated has been lost.
We will be tightening our belts wherever possible. But when church employees are furloughed, they are not eligible to receive unemployment insurance, as churches do not pay into that tax structure. We wish to delay that necessity if we can.

We understand that many of you are feeling the financial stress of this crisis as well. But if you can, please continue to fulfill your pledges. You can mail in checks, or give online at this link. With grace and love, we will get through this difficult time together.

Prayers and peace,
Christina Sunstone
Parish Administrator