Lenten Reflection for Sunday, March 22

by Nicole Meyer

John 9:1-41
What pulled at my heart as I was dwelling in today’s lectionary text is the way it says several times over that this man has been blind since birth. He has spent his entire life in literal darkness, waiting and hoping to see. We are all waiting for something and now for something we likely never expected to be. As we wait, may we see those who we have not seen, who have always been waiting for justice and healing and freedom. I want to share these words and this prayer from blackcoffeewithwhitefriends on Instagram:
I am amazed at what the Great Divine shows me when I fumble in the pitch blackness, feeling for the edge of Jesus’ robe.Just yesterday in the wee dark morning hours, I sighed because all this limbo and unknowing in our country and the world felt so heavy. Suddenly, I was reminded that the whole Bible is about 95% filled with stories of limbo and waiting and the Great Unknown. In the Unknown, Noah waits on the ark, Abraham waits for an heir, Joseph waits in prison, the Israelites wait in the wilderness, David waits for his throne, Daniel waits in exile, Jesus waits in the garden and on the cross and in the tomb. Paul waits in blindness and while shipwrecked and imprisoned. John waits in exile. Mary waits with child. Lazarus waits in the tomb. Endless waiting and endless hope. Oh Holy. In this seemingly endless waiting, help me to commit to not needing answers, and not needing worry. Remind me of all the stories of those who waited -our ancestors confined on the Middle Passage, the concentration and internment camps. Tell me the stories of the ones who unjustly waited for redemption. Help me remember the ones who died waiting and the ones who survived the waiting. I will wait with them. By your mercy and grace, I will wait with them.