Pastor’s Page – February 2020

It must have been some kind of record. Our annual congregational meeting took place within a time frame of just over thirty minutes! Ratification of the budget and constitution, approval of reports, and voting upon the council’s recommendation for the sale of one of the Phinney Houses was clear, efficient, and swift. This is largely due to the extraordinary leadership of our PRLC council. The congregation came into the meeting well informed. These items were thoroughly discussed, explored, and prayed over in a variety of forums this past year. On behalf of the council, I want to express gratitude to you all for your participation in making these im-portant decisions. Thank you, too, for your generosity in anticipated giving for 2020 and in our “Mind the Gap” mini-campaign that is off to a good start.

On the day of the annual meeting we reaffirmed our baptismal vows at worship. It is a powerful way to step into a new chapter of our common life and ministry. Moments after the second service, I walked downstairs to lunch being served to our 8th grade confirmation students, WAY candidates and their companions. A bunch of new people are in our process this cycle. The energy of that gathering replicated the energy of the Eucharist and annual meeting earlier in the day. I went home exhausted from a very busy Sunday and simultaneously encouraged, renewed, and fired up for the year that lies ahead. It is all very good.

Amen. Come, Holy Spirit.

Pastor Hansen