Emma Maier, daughter of Patty and Joel Maier, has been a member at Phinney Ridge Lutheran since she was baptized here in 1996. Read below to learn about her upcoming year of service with Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) and how you can support her mission.

I recently applied and was accepted to Young Adults in Global Mission, in which young adults participate in a yearlong adventure of international service. I was accepted into the community and will be departing in August for Australia.

During this year abroad, I am considered a missionary by the ELCA. After thoughtful conversation with others in the program, I have begun to define what being a missionary means to me. I believe this position is not about converting others to my beliefs and ideas or trying to introduce my ways of culture in a place that already has a rich and beautiful culture that is their own. Instead, I am going as someone who hopes to build relationships, learn from others, create moments of conversation and story sharing, celebrate what is means to be different but also the same, and discover the beauty of the world that God has created

It costs roughly $15,000 to send one YAGM youth to their given country. The ELCA is able to cover most of the cost, but they ask that we each raise $5,000 to help with the costs.I am hoping that you will be willing to support me on this journey. I am asking that you think about accompanying me on my walk to whatever is next. Whether that is donating to my fundraising page, keeping my in your thoughts throughout the year,passing along tips or sharing stories of your life experiences so far,or anything else you think I might benefit from before, during, and after my departure.

f you are interested in donating you can visit my fundraising page:

If you would rather donate in another way you can reach out to me and I am happy to chat with you about that! 

Thank you for reading about my next chapter!