This July and August you (and your non-Phinney friends and family) are invited to join us for weekly walks every Sunday evening starting at 6pm. This is a great way to meet new folks and get to know those you may have seen in church for years, but never really had the chance to have a conversation with beyond the passing the peace. Each walk will start and end from a different location around the general North Seattle area, will be around 3-3.5 miles, easy to moderate difficulty level, and we’ll take it at a relaxed Seattle Summer Strolling™ pace.

This is a drop-in group, so you are encouraged to attend as many or as few of the walks as your summer vacation schedule and interest level allows. Dogs (on leashes) are welcome, as well as kids (leashes optional). Every week I’ll send out a group email with parking and all the other walk details you need to know, so if you are not already on my contact list, please contact me at below email and I’ll add you to the list.

Our first walk on July 7th will start/finish at Gasworks Park as we’ll be strolling to Royal Brougham Pavilion on the SPU Campus and back along the Burke-Gilman trail and Queen Anne Side of the Ship Canal. Most of the walks this summer will be inspired by the 2018 Mountaineers Books Urban Trails Seattle by Craig Romano. However, if you have a favorite walk in your neighborhood you’d like to help plan, please let me know.

Please contact Don Boelter with any questions–