From the Child Development Center

~ CDC Director Tim Sullivan

Today I would like to talk to you about art with young children.  Sometimes when I walk into a classroom, art time can feel like a messy chaotic experience without value, but it is so much more than a mess, and more than just crayons, paint, and clay.  The purpose of art is to provide a way for a child to be spontaneous, playful, and expressive.  It takes a lot of time to get to a place where they are creating expressive art and where their art starts showing the child as an individual and less like everyone else.  The way we do that in the CDC is by allowing children to explore the best art media.  A child will take a long time in the exploring stage. Only after they are given time to just explore the materials can they move into the causing level.  Only when they can start intentionally causing artistic effects can they move into creating true expressive art.  That means we need to provide the children with opportunities to explore the needed materials and allow them to that freely with out direction from the teachers on what to create.  We believe in focusing on the process of artistic development, not the product.  Allowing children to freely express themselves helps the child develop mentally, socially, and emotionally.  Art can boost the young child’’s ability to analyze and problem-solve, develop fine motor skills and math concepts, and perhaps most importantly of all, boost self-confidence.