PRLC’s Race and Equity Team

What is the “Race and Equity” team? Several years ago a group of us met to explore what racism really is, how we are affected by it and how we perpetuate it. We worked our way through an ELCA curriculum called “Troubling the Waters.” This was followed by a book group, listening to a podcast together and two Adult Forums. We have learned much and have just scratched the surface of where we need to continue to go. As a group we will continue to explore this. Please watch for more info on how you can become a part of this. We are currently planning events for the next few months. Please know this is NOT a closed group, all are welcome to join and give feedback.

If you have any questions here are a few of us who have been involved so far:

Barb Mockett, Tiffany Megargee, Signe Roscoe, Jenn Boelter, Alice Gregory, Erica Shutes-David and of course your pastors

Thanks, Patty Maier (

P.S. Check out the “Justice/Priviledge” section in the library!!  We have had a few books donated and Luci Baker Johnson has done a great job of putting it all together.