Greetings from the Child Development Center

~ CDC Director Tim Sullivan

This month I am going to talk about science and what we do in our school to promote scientific discovery and why it is important.

In this place the staff and I see all the children as scientists, and we set up our classrooms and projects with that in mind.  Children love to experiment, explore, and figure out how the world works, which is exactly what a scientist does.  We create a safe place where we allowed even our youngest children to do these things both in the classroom as well as out in the world. We are constantly bringing our children to new places to explore our world, as well as bringing in new activities for the children to explore.  Children do not need to be taught how to be scientists.  Children wonder, explore, and discover through their play naturally; as teachers it’s our job to stay out of the way and allow them the space and time to do these things.

There is no greater joy I get out of my profession than to watch a child discover something new for the first time and see the intrinsic joy of learning all over their faces.