Cross-Generational Lenten Discipline

The children of PRLC will be practicing the Lenten disciplines of gratitude and giving, and we invite you to join them! Each week during Bread for the Journey (our Wednesday evening formation time) the children will be “counting their blessings.” For example, on week one we’ll count how many doors are in our church and our homes, and then we will make an offering for each door, thanking God for the gift of shelter. Maybe you can give one penny for each door in your home. Maybe you can give one dollar for each door! Look for an offering box each week in the narthex. The offering box looks like a barn, because all our offerings will be donated to the ELCA’s God’s Global Barnyard project, which provides livestock and other resources to families around the globe. Look for the “assignment” each week in your bulletin, and bring your loose change or other offering to worship each Sunday. Thanks!

Week One (March 10-16):

Count all the doors in your home; give thanks for the gift of shelter; pray for those without homes; make one offering per door.

Week Two (March 17-23:

Count all of your shoes; give thanks for the gift of clothing; pray for those without adequate clothing; make one offering per pair of shoes.

Week Three (March 24-30):

Count all of the water sources in your home; give thanks for the gift of clean water; pray for those in need of safe water; make one offering per water source (sink, tub, toilet, etc.).

Week Four (March 31-April 6):

Count the supportive people you have in your life; give thanks for friends and family; pray for those who are lonely; make one offering per supportive person in your life.

Week Five (April 7-13):

Count how many meals or snacks you eat this week; give thanks for food and those who make it; pray for the hungry; make one offering per meal or snack you eat in a week.

Week Six (Holy Week):

Count other blessings in your life that we haven’t covered, and bring your final thank offering to worship on Easter Sunday.