Outreach News

~ Patrick Meagher, Minister of Outreach

Outreach Fund Helps Big in 2018

Sometimes in this space I share an “on the ground” story of a family we helped through the PRLC Outreach Fund. It’s important to understand the significant impact your donations have on real people with real problems. This month, I’ll offer a bigger picture of what we accomplished together in 2018. We reached out to give financial assistance through rent, utility, gas, and other assistance a whopping 136 times! That’s 136 heart-melting stories of a family in crisis who found relief because of the generosity of this community.

Seventy times we helped an individual or family achieve housing stability through rent assistance. Forty-two times we bought a tank of gas to keep someone moving to doctor appointments or keep the heat on if living in their car. Fifteen times we kept the electricity on and water flowing through utility assistance. And 9 times we helped in other ways, such as paying a storage space fee, making a copay on a life-giving prescription, or providing a scholarship for a child’s reading program.

I’m grateful to serve as a Minister of Outreach supported by such a consistently generous community of faith. I feel confident sharing the love of Christ, knowing we dedicate our resources as well as our hearts to this work. Your partnership in this sends God’s life-changing kindness all over our city.

As always, please send donations to the Outreach Fund to the office or into the Sunday offering plates, and thank you for your support!

Food Bank Volunteer Celebration, Recruitment, and Training Feb 10

The Food Bank Mission Team invites all past, current, and future volunteers to enjoy lunch, hear about our new procedures, and try them out yourself! We’ll meet following 2nd service (about 12:30) on Sunday, Feb 10, in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone will go through the new procedure as a client and then as a volunteer. This is a great time to join the food bank volunteer roster as we need more people to make this client-friendly procedure work. Even if you’re not ready to join, please come and learn about the food bank. All are Welcome. Please RSVP to Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher – outreach@prlc.org. See you there!