Child Development Center Report

~ CDC Director Tim Sullivan

As the child development center goes into a new year we as  a staff had time to reflect on the work we do at this place and look at our goals for the children who come through our center each day.  We strive to help each child become loving a loving member of this community who has developed self-reliance, respect for self and others, emotional intelligence, and problem solving skills.   We guide the children through their learning, meeting them at their developmental level, and provide appropriate challenges. We explore the curiosity and wonder of the young mind by digging deep into their questions and interests, taking meaningful field trips, and using the neighborhood as our extended classroom. On any given day you might find our kids walking to the market to purchase ingredients for a cooking project, or out in the garden – picking tomatoes they helped plant, or exploring one of the many nearby parks and green spaces. By carefully observing and documenting the children’s development we can see, share, and expand on their emerging interests and amazing accomplishments.