Update of PRLC Constitution and Bylaws

Our church constitution is a carefully written document that serves to define the purpose of the church, the function and interaction of organizations and positions within the congregation, and its relationship to the larger church body, the ELCA. Bylaws were written to flesh out some of the details, for instance the role of various council positions or the purpose of annual congregational meetings.

The constitution currently in effect dates back to 2008. You will be hearing more in coming weeks about an effort to update the PRLC Constitution and Bylaws, with the following goals:

  1. To unify the two documents into one, with bylaws being logically numbered and placed by the corresponding chapters of the Constitution. They are currently two separate documents, and some of the numbering scheme has gotten misaligned over the years.
  2. To match the ELCA Model Constitution and incorporate language changes from the 2013 and 2016 Churchwide Assemblies.
  3. In some instances it has been recommended to make changes to remove language that no longer reflected current PRLC practices.

Please look for announcements in future bulletins and newsletters about Adult Forum-style information being made available. Members will have opportunity to study the proposed changes, and ask questions. It is the goal and hope of your council that we will be able to approve the updated, unified document at the April 2019 Congregational Meeting.