Financial Update through Oct. 31, 2018

Compared to September giving,  October was a somewhat disappointing month, with a shortfall compared to budget of almost $10,000. Historically the generosity of our members in November and December have helped us close the gap. Thank in advance for your support of PRLC and all its ministries!

Have you ever considered using Simply Giving for regular electronic contributions? Now would be a good time to sign up. Over 90 PRLC households currently participate in this program, which is easy to set up, to change, or to stop. You can choose to contribute from a checking account or via credit card, on a weekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis. In addition to supporting the General Operating Fund you can give to the food bank, outreach, or the building fund, just to name a few designations.

Electronic fund transfers give you peace of mind that your stewardship commitment is taken care of and that PRLC receives predictable revenues, even when you’re away. And you’ll never need to play “catch up” at the end of the year.

For more information, please request a sign-up form at Grace Station or from the office; or find the “Online Giving” button on our website’s home page.

Other ways to support PRLC :

  • Cash, of course (Note that we can only credit your giving record if it’s in an envelope with your name on it—otherwise it counts toward the “Loose Offering”.)
  • Checks
  • Planned Giving (remembering PRLC in your will)


Thank you!
Kirsten Olshausen
Parish Administrator