Consecration Sunday Update

Our fall stewardship campaign culminated on November 18, Consecration Sunday. Worship services with guest preacher Pastor Joan Beck were followed by well-attended gatherings in Fellowship Hall, where we enjoyed a catered brunch. Thank you to all who helped prepare for and participated in this successful event!

Some preliminary numbers (as of 11/21/18):

  • A total of 126 individuals or households completed Estimate of Giving Cards for 2019. (Additional cards were mailed to members who were not able to be at church that day.)
  • A total of 82 of these giving units increased their financial commitment above their last year’s amount.
  • A total of 121 giving units present to fill out Estimate of Giving Cards on Consecration Sunday committed a total of $502,996.
  • Based on last year’s giving records, we can expect to receive $256,960 in General Fund donations during the coming year from people who have consistent giving patterns during the past twelve months, but were not present on November 18.
  • Including loose offerings and church income from non-donor sources this gives us a grand total of at least $841,856 in anticipated income for the next twelve months.
  • The total income for our general operating budget during the last twelve months was $820,318. Therefore we can expect our operating budget income to increase by at least $21,538 next year.