Children and Family Minister Update

By now, you’ve probably noticed the absence of a paid Children and Family Minister at PRLC. The position has been vacant since last May. Thanks to our many wonderful volunteers, and the temporary rearranging of some pastoral duties, we have been able to maintain key ministries to our children and youth. But we are certainly operating at a deficit, and one that we don’t want to continue for too long. A dedicated staff person in this role has been sorely missed by our families and our staff. We look forward to filling the position in the near future, but have been discerning what that position should entail, exactly. The resignation of our previous Children and Family Minister has allowed us the opportunity to re-evaluate, to meet with parents and other stakeholders, and to think really intentionally about how to best serve the children, parents, and teens in our midst. During the summer months, Pastor Van Kley met with around two dozen parents of children from birth to age 20. Together we talked about our hopes, dreams, and needs for this position. We talked about budgets and hours and duties. We prayed and pondered and discerned. In November, the church council discussed the position, including the option to hire a full-time Children, Youth, and Family Minister, which would be an increase from our previously held half-time position.

When we look around at who continues to come through our doors, and who is living in our neighborhood, we see an ongoing need to make children and families a priority in this congregation. The pastors, council, stakeholders and staff all agree that children, youth, and family ministry is a congregational priority that should be reflected both in staffing and budget. The decision of whether to hire someone at a full- or half-time level is still pending, but will be made in time for our January congregational meeting. If you have questions or ideas around this topic, please contact Pastor Van Kley. She’d love to hear from you!