Special Sundays in October

October is always a special month at PRLC.  We take a “time out” from the Sundays in Ordinary Time to celebrate special Sundays:

The Feast of St. Francis is celebrated this year on October 7th and includes the annual Pet Blessing at the 8:30 service.  Please bring your cat, dog, gerbil or whatever favorite companion to this service for a special blessing.  This traditions has long been associated with the saint who was known for befriending animals, loved nature, preached to birds, and even tamed a wolf.

The Feast of St. Luke is celebrated this year on October 21st with healing prayers offered to all in the assembly at both services.  Luke, identified as the author of the third Gospel and the book of Acts, was believed to be a physician.  His day has been dedicated to prayers for the sick and to caregivers and to services of healing.

Reformation/Reconciliation Sunday commemorates Luther’s posting of the 95 theses and has become an occasion to lift up Ecclesia semper reformanda est – the church is always in need of reform.  On this day we lament the divisions in the church and pray for its constant renewal.  This day is rightly seen as a festival of the Holy Spirit.