Hello from the Child Development Center

~ CDC Director Tim Sullivan

Fall is our favorite time of the year, here at the CDC.  It’s a time of renewed excitement and energy as we welcome our new students, and our current students move on to their new classes.  Everything is fresh with new bulletin boards and supplies.  It’s a time of new adventures for all our children.  In the fall we look forward to our many visits from our new kindergarteners who want to stop by and let us know all about their teachers and the great things they are doing in their new “big” school.  It’s always ended with a great big hug on their way out.  The teachers and I can see the pride in their faces and fondly remember with them their journey through the CDC to get to that place of self-confidence and capableness.  It is why our dedicated staff is here day in and day out and work so hard in our craft.  This year we are looking forward to the new adventures, challenges, and accomplishments that this year brings to the 82 children enrolled in this special place.