A Note on the PRLC Tower

Have you ever looked for PRLC from afar, and found it easy to locate? That is thanks to our very distinctive tower, the one for which this newsletter is named. It is a symbol that marks this building as a house of worship. What also stands out, especially from closer up, is the attractive brick work on many of our outside walls. But these days the tower is looking a little worse for wear…

It has been a long time since our tower and some of the exterior walls (especially on the weather-beaten south side) have had any maintenance, and they are overdue for cleaning, sealing and (in the case of the top of the tower) painting. We have been given a quote for this masonry restoration work (of about $80,000), and hope to get this necessary project done at the end of summer so the tower and stone work is well protected before the rainy season starts. While there are some designated funds for building maintenance, we are looking for member support for at least half that cost. If you are able to help, please mark your gift “Tower/Masonry”. Thank you in advance!

Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

Kirsten Olshausen, Parish Administrator