A Farewell Thank You from the Vicar

It is hard to believe a year has gone by already! And what a blessed year I have had with you all here at Phinney Ridge. You have taught me so much and allowed such deep experiences and relationships to form. Thank you! Some of my highlights of this year include participation in The Way, Lunch & Lectionary, Theology Pub, CDC Chapels, BFJ nights, Worship leadership & preaching, the Food Bank, Adult Forums, Women’s Circles, participation in the Women’s March and Pride Parade, the Refugee outreach, alongside all of the one-on-one coffee times I’ve been blessed to have with so many of you. You have been gracious and flexible in my training this year. You have allowed me to better understand what “intentional liturgy” means and come to deeply love it, making me feel like I’ve truly come home. You have invited me to learn by reflection of sermons, email responses, and pastoral care visits with you. I continue to be humbled by Phinney’s great love and care for the neighbor through your advocacy in marches, parades, and outreach services which stand as voices in the wider community of Seattle. You have stretched me and provided space for clarification on theological issues and staffing dynamics, as PRLC had some major staffing changes/adjustments/juggles this year. I’ve even learned how to chant the Psalms and Great Thanksgiving from such talented musicians as Valerie and Beth Ann! Bless you all! I look forward to hearing how you continue to serve your neighbors, especially the refugees of Seattle through the newly formed PRLC Refugee Action Team. May you persist in caring and loving the widow, orphan, and foreigner through the Refugee Action Team. PRLC is blessed deeply by two talented and caring pastors, a wonderful staff, and a Council who has a healthy transparent communication and leadership style. You continue to impress me AND bless me. Thank you Phinney! I have fallen in love with you and will deeply miss you. Thank you for being my final step towards ordination and being so supportive of this journey.

~ Your sister in Christ, Vicar Pam Gompf