Worship in June

Ordinary Time and More

The span of time between Pentecost and Advent isn’t so much a season. It is called “ordinary time” as it refers to a system of ordinal numbers. It is also referred to as the long green and growing time because it takes up more than half the weeks of the year. While lacking the drama of Christmas and Easter, the richness of this time is revealed in Jesus’ extraordinary teachings and acts of love.

Occasionally, special Sundays in ordinary time are celebrated if a lesser festival falls on or near a Sunday. John the Baptist, celebrated on June 24, is one such day. According to Luke’s Gospel, the birth of John, Jesus’ cousin, takes place six months before Jesus’ birth. Just so, in the liturgical year, John’s birth is celebrated on June 24 and Jesus’ birth on December 24. Formerly named the “Nativity of John the Baptist,” this special day now simply bears his title. In preparing the way for Jesus, John said “He must increase, and I must decrease” (John 3:30).  That’s not a bad motto for the church and ministry. On this special day, come and join us as we give thanks to God for retiring organist Valerie Shields’s ministry of music.