Child Development Center News

Summer time at the CDC is two months of adventure, excitement, and preparation.  During this time all our classes take advantage of Seattle’s perfect summers and get even our littlest ones out and about around our city.  It seems as if one of our classes at least is out nearly every day on a new adventure.  From flying kites at Magnuson Park, to swimming in local lakes, to hiking along all our local hot spots such as Tiger Mountain and Franklin Falls, our kids are always on the move, enjoying the beauty of our world with their unique community of friends, parents, and staff.

We use the summer as a time of adventure, slowing down and enjoying the sun and water play, and enjoying our current classes before the new adventures that lie ahead in the fall.  The children excitedly visit their new rooms and meet their new teachers as they start preparing for their next step on their Phinney journey.  It is also a time of welcome as we invite new families who will be joining our community to visit our classes and teachers as they prepare for their first day at Phinney,  It is such an exciting time for all of us as we take time to prepare for the new school year and for new members of our community to join, as well as a time to say goodbye to our children heading on to elementary school.

This summer I am sure you will see us out and about the city with our blue Phinney shirts on.  Please feel free to say hello, meet the teachers who are proud to work at the Phinney Lutheran CDC, and enjoy the smiles and joy the children have to offer.