Outreach Report

~ Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher

 Outreach Fund Gratitude

Do you know you are a safety net for the most vulnerable in our community? Those of you who donate to the PRLC Outreach Fund create hope and security for families going through a difficult time. Through the distribution of bus tickets, rental assistance, gasoline assistance, utility bill assistance, and many other forms of help, we meticulously gave away over $25,000 to over 150 households in 2017! The entire budget for the Outreach Fund comes from individual donations, not from the church budget. This partnership ensures our community shines God’s light of hope and help during a very dark time for many. Thank you for your support of this vital safety net!

Women’s March 2018

The scene was dark in January 2017. Then a large group from PRLC joined a massive group to march through downtown extolling the value of women, people of color, people of all religions, gay and transgender people, and many other vulnerable populations under attack today. The empowerment of the event could not be understated, and kept many of us going through the tumult of the rest of the year. Organizers are at it again planning a march on Saturday, January 20th from Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill, running from 10-4pm. We’ll be organizing another PRLC group to attend, and hope you can make it. All ages and genders welcome! Look for sign ups on upcoming Sunday morning Count Me In forms. 

Interfaith Advocacy Day February 20th

If you’re like me, a scroll through the news  leaves you feeling unsettled and powerless. What can one person do? Where can one person do it? Thanks to our long-standing partnership with Faith Action Network, you have an outlet! FAN organizes Interfaith Advocacy Day in Olympia every year and offers us the chance to learn about important state legislative issues before meeting face to face with our actual representatives. You’ll leave feeling educated, empowered, and part of the solution. This year’s IFAD falls on Tuesday, February 20th (more info at http://fanwa.org/interfaith-advocacy-day/). We’ll be organizing a team from PRLC to attend. Please contact Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher, or mark your Count Me In form on an upcoming Sunday