Stewardship Update

I am pleased to report on a very encouraging fall stewardship campaign. Over the course of several weeks in October, you heard testimonies from fellow members, read reflections on generosity and on the spiritual discipline of giving. You were encouraged to look at God’s blessings in your life, and to consider prayerfully your commitment in support of PRLC’s mission and ministry in 2018.

The congregation’s great response and willingness to consider stepping up their giving will be so helpful to the council for planning the 2018 operating budget! (We have returned to a January-December pledge cycle, concurrent with our budget year.) Thank you to all who returned their General Fund Commitment cards. More forms are still available at Grace Station, or from the office.

We have received 115 cards back as of this writing, for a combined total commitment of $463,130 annually. That means an average of $4,027 per household. I was curious and compared to the last pledge drive (which culminated with New Consecration Sunday in May 2016). The average annual commitment then was $3,876. Thank you for your generosity!

Other encouraging numbers:

  • With the 8 households newly signed up for Simply Giving, our automatic giving program, we have now at least 101 giving units participating. These consistent electronic contributions make for predictable church income and reduce the impact of low attendance during vacation times.
  • Of those who submitted response cards, 25 indicated they want to increase their Simply Giving contributions in 2018, while only two will decrease their giving. We understand of course that circumstances can change; feel free to contact me any time if you need to modify your pledge.

Thank you for both your support of the PRLC operating fund, and many worthwhile ministries such as Outreach, Food Bank, Mary’s Place, Global Missions and local programs.


Kirsten Olshausen
Parish Administrator