Outreach Ministry Report

Outreach Story: You Saved a Family This Month

I greeted a young woman holding back tears in our office lobby. Her face revealed her pain well before I heard details of what she and her husband had been through. Their stable living situation had been ripped apart suddenly by family members they had thought they could trust. Their two kids were with other family, as homelessness would trigger the threat of CPS. They were between paychecks, and would not receive any income for several weeks.

When faced with these tragic stories, I know I am not alone. God guides and provides a way forward, and you have donated to the Outreach Fund with such generosity that I can extend your blessing to dozens of families such as these each month. I found this couple a safe hotel to serve as refuge until their income could guide them toward a more stable situation. Their kids could be with them in the hotel, and the anxiety of losing each other would not be a burden during this difficult time. I received hugs, gratitude, and tears of joy that were really meant for you. These gestures carried the heavy sincerity of hearts surprised and changed by the abundant love of God. Thank you for your support of the Outreach Fund!


 Halloween Trick or Treat Event a Scarily Huge Success

Warm and dry weather plus an abundance of costumed visitors plus dedicated volunteers plus a mountain of donated candy all equaled a wonderful Trick or Treat event this year. It’s such a blessing to be a part of our remarkable neighborhood, and I’m so grateful for the support you offered to make our participation happen. We had just enough donated candy to make it through the busy afternoon. That is amazing! Magnus counted close to 700 trick or treaters during one hour alone. Thanks to Don, Carol, Amber, Karen, Alan, Magnus, Bonnie, Kristen, and Midge who gave of their time to great our visitors, and the dozens of you who provided candy.


Refugee Ministry Update: Our Friend has a Home!

A few months ago, through our partnership with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, we became aware of a young woman from Iran being settled in our area. She had temporary housing and needed a more permanent situation to continue her diligent work of acclimating to a new culture. Many of you responded positively to the opportunity to help her in whatever way we could. I’m please to report that through the work of the group this young woman has an affordable room in Wedgewood in as supportive of an environment as possible! We’ll continue to support her as needed, and I look forward to our continued involvement in this work.