Prayer Vigil 2017

As our WAY candidates ready themselves for baptism or affirmation of baptism, we as a congregation have a tradition of holding them each in prayer for the 24 hours leading up to Easter Vigil. We do this by individually signing up to pray for a specific half-hour in that 24-hour span, referring to the prayer requests they have shared, which you can read in the prayer vigil brochure below.

We still have some slots to fill in this vigil. Click on this link to see who has signed up for what time, and to sign up for one yourself. (Click on the “edit document” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.) It’s a shared Word document, so you should be able to just type in your name where you want it, and we’ll all be able to see it.

Blessings in these Great Three Days.

Prayer vigil requests brochure 2017 [pdf]