Outreach Ministry News

Bus tickets

This month I wish to highlight a much-used but often overlooked PRLC outreach service. Thanks to a generous city program, we use the Outreach Fund to purchase bus tickets for clients at a 90% reduction of actual value. For a mere quarter, we can help someone attend a vital job interview, medical appointment, or sign up to enter a housing program. We offer two bus tickets a month to individuals who meet the city’s low-income requirements. This popular service occurs in the church office, where front desk volunteers and staff dispense tickets throughout the week.

And the blessing keeps growing! Because we have to track and report the numbers to the city, we know we gave away 1,462 bus rides in 2015. The amount grew to 2,137 last year as word spread and need increased. With an average of 178 a month, and two tickets per person per month, we are reaching an average of 89 individuals every month through our bus ticket program. Thank you for making this happen through your generous support of the Outreach Fund!


PRLC Pilgrims: Moving Forward Together

2017-02-01 Holding Candles (cropped)Many of us wrestle with how to best live as both Christians and citizens while partisan politics divides our country. At PRLC, we take great care in how we approach public advocacy on potentially divisive issues. Some may wish to keep political opinions private, while some may feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to speak and act publicly. We respect the convictions of every member of our community, even if we disagree.

Recently, a large group of PRLC members participated in the Womxn’s March on Seattle and found tremendous hope in the practice of walking together toward a common goal. Continuing in this vein, a new group is forming: PRLC Pilgrims. As individuals on a long journey, we may tire. As a community on a pilgrimage, we support each other and draw from our strong faith tradition to move forward in the face of oppression. Together, we march toward the light.

Pastor Bryon and I held a special prayer service centered around the Psalms on February 9th. I found it extremely helpful to sit with others and read the words of lament, pain, hope, and rebirth in our sacred texts. Our timely Adult Forum the following Sunday with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services taught us about the current struggle to receive and place refugees in our immediate area. I felt and heard a lot of energy from those who attended to keep in touch with this issue moving forward. If you’d like to stay updated on this and other issues the PRLC Pilgrims will be involved in, please contact me via email (outreach@prlc.org).

In the Light of Christ,
Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher