Sunday Morning Adult Forums – Fall 2016

Meet in the Tree of Life Room on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.


500 Years of the Protestant Reformation

Reformation QuincentenarySeptember 18: 500 Years – So What?

Join Pastor Hansen as we kick off this year’s adult forum with a discussion of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  Along with Lutherans worldwide, Phinney will be celebrating this fall and into 2017.  We will review what’s ahead and discuss how the Reformation has impacted church and world and what it means to be a Lutheran today.

September 25: Luther’s Early Life and Spiritual Formation

Join PLU History Professor (and PRLC member) Mike Halvorson for a fascinating overview of medieval Christianity in Europe and its formative influence on young Luther.  Discover how Luther searched for God and initiated change and reform that would characterize Protestants and Lutherans in particular.

October 2: Key Lutheran Reforms – and Why They’ve Lasted 500 Years

Join Mike Halvorson again for an exploration of how Lutheranism arose through the teaching of Martin Luther and his colleagues.  Explore key texts and their influence on global Christianity – the 95 Theses, On the Freedom of the Christian, and Luther’s translation of the Bible. Come away with a deeper understanding of the core principles of a Lutheran way of living in the world.


Sample ballotOctober 9 and 16PRLC Election Forums: Building Community Amidst a Divisive Election

Join PRLC member Andrew Shutes-David and PRLC Minister of Outreach Patrick Meagher for a two-week discussion of the issues surrounding the November Presidential election through our shared lens of faith.  In Week 1 we will facilitate conversation around challenging our personal “political non-negotiable.”  The goal isn’t to change anyone’s mind but to journey toward a greater understanding of and of and tolerance for the other.  With this experience in mind, in week 2 we will focus on sharing information on hot button ballot measures and other pertinent issues. Please plan to engage and help us be a church that participates in the election in a manner consistent with our first call as people of the Gospel of Love.


Reformation QuincentenaryOctober 23: Intergenerational Event: 500 Years

In lieu of the forum today, join everyone in Sunday School for an intergenerational “Kick-off” to the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation celebration.


October 30: Reconciling Works 101

RIC LogoHow appropriate it is that, on this Reformation Sunday, we should formally launch our process of exploration around becoming a “Reconciling in Christ” congregation! The Spirit reforms us and renews us.  Join Pastor Rick Pribbernow, Director of Open Door Ministries, who will discuss what it means to be an RIC church welcoming our gay and lesbian sisters and brothers.



November 6 – December 4

Understanding Islam, Parts 1-5

Islam crescent moon & starJoin Dr. Michael Chrzatowski for a six-week series on “Understanding Islam.”  Dr. Chrzatowski spent much of his career teaching geology, and now in retirement has pursued his passion for the study of religions.  He will provide a sound and unbiased presentation of Islam, as well as explore the relationship between Islam and Christianity.

1 / November 6: The Roots and Beginnings of Islam
2 / November 13: Structure and Content of the Qur’an
3 / November 20: The Practice of Islam
4 / November 27: Islam and the Issue of Violence
5 / December 4: Women in Islam


RIC LogoDecember 11: What the Bible Says about Homosexuality

In this second installment of “Reconciling Works 101” with Pastor Rick Pribbernow from Open Door Ministries, we will explore what the Bible  says (or doesn’t say) about homosexuality.


December 18: Understanding Islam, Part 6

Islam crescent moon & starHow the Qur’an Describes the Birth of Jesus

Dr. Michael Chrzatowski concludes his six-week series on “Understanding Islam” with this examination of the similarities between the Qur’an’s description of Jesus’ birth and those of the apocryphal gospels.