Enjoy the Convenience of Electronic Giving

Our church offers electronic giving through a program called Simply Giving, which allows you to make donations on a scheduled, automatic basis.  If you are tired of writing checks and preparing envelopes every week, you will especially appreciate electronic giving.  It is convenient for you and provides much-needed donation consistency for our church.

Why should you consider giving this way?  The reasons are simple.

  1. Simply Giving is a “first fruits” method of giving. Many of us use electronic fund transfers to pay many bills each month.
  2. Accurate records are maintained indefinitely. An electronic contribution is safer than writing a check, and it can’t be lost, stolen or destroyed in the mail.
  3. Simplicity and peace of mind. Out of town on Sunday?  Other obligations keeping you from regular worship?  With Simply Giving, there’s no need to mail a check or dash to church with your offering envelope.  Electronic funds transfer gives you peace of mind that your stewardship commitment is taken care of and that PRLC receives predictable revenues.  With Simply Giving, you’ll never need to play “catch up” at the end of the year.
  4. Flexibility: Withdrawals can be made, weekly, monthly, or twice a month.  You can give to the general fund and various ministries of the church such as the food bank, and a simply phone call or e-mail to Kirsten in the church office can stop your giving or adjust the amount, should the need arise.
  5. Most important, our ministries are strengthened. Consistent giving allows PRLC to effectively fulfill our mission and vision in our church, in our community and around the world.  It helps the church with increased revenues through more consistent giving, helps us avoid the “summer slump” through steady receipt of pledges, insures more efficient and accurate bookkeeping, insures savings on the cost of offering envelopes and processing time, and cuts down on paperwork and postage.

So for these reasons and more, I say thank you to those of you who give via Simply Giving, and encourage others to give it a try. If you are ready to use this easy method for contributing to PRLC, just fill out the form (available at Grace Station on Sunday mornings, from the church office, or as a downloadable pdf below), attach a voided check, and put it in the offering plate, or mail to the office. Stop by the office or call me any time if you have any questions.

Kirsten Olshausen
Parish Administrator   –   206-783-2350   –   administrator@prlc.org


Simply Giving Form 2016 [pdf]