Adult Forum Offerings in November

November 1, 2015
All Saints Day
Join in our intergenerational event to explore All Saints: engage with the lives, faith, and vocations of the historical saints and the saints of Phinney Ridge Lutheran! Look soon for opportunities to share about PRLC saints from your life, and for young people to interview some Phinney saints who may or may not be able to join us in worship regularly.

November 8, 2015
PRLC’s Endowment: Giving Through the Ages
We invite you to come and hear about the good ministry that your Phinney Ridge Lutheran Endowment Fund supports. Learn how you can give to the Endowment Fund now or as part of your estate planning, and learn how to apply for an Endowment Fund grant that will expand PRLC’s ministry in the church, community and world.

November 15, 2015
Diversity and the Church
Come hear from the members of Phinney’s newest ministry, the Diversity Team. This team seeks to consider how our love for Jesus and other people might propel us and our fellow members of PRLC toward necessary change. We want to encourage discussion among the people of PRLC about how we as a community of faith might make changes and choices for the equality of all.

November 22, 2015
How Much Is Enough?
Join us to explore the consumer economy, “affluenza”, and what Jesus calls us to do in these times of economic inequality and climate change. “As sages have said, contentment lies not in obtaining things you want, but in giving thanks for what you have.” ~Arthur Simon

November 29, 2015
Advent Intergenerational Event
All members of the church family are invited to gather to prepare for this celebration of the incarnation of our Lord. The words Prepare, Proclaim, and Share form the basis for this event that includes making an Advent Wreath (all supplies provided) and other activities for families with children to help them learn more about this special time and prepare their hearts, minds, and homes for the coming of Christ. Special devotional activities for adults will be provided and take-home materials for members of all ages will be provided. And there will even be a visit from St. Nicholas!