Mary’s Place Family Shelter at Phinney Ridge Lutheran This Week!

Tues May 1  5pm—Tues May 8  7am
Thanks to the over 35(!!) people who have volunteered to prepare, welcome, sleep over, cook & tutor.

A little information:
Where will our guests be staying & what times?
Each day they’ll arrive at 5pm & depart next a.m. Our 14 guests, moms & children, will be dining in the library and sleeping in classrooms 301 & 302.

When I am in the church while our guests and PRLC hosts are here should I avoid these areas?
It won’t be a problem if you pass through, but if you can use the bathrooms on the lower level and other stairways it will help preserve our guests’ sense of privacy.

Where will the classes that are usually in 301 & 302 be held?
Please watch for signage about temporary spots.

Our guests will have the option to enjoy dinner Wednesday and Sunday in Fellowship Hall or eat their meal in the library… if they join the group meal, we know we can count on you to welcome them without overwhelming.

Do you still need help?
Yes! You can help by making a donation to PRLC with “Outreach Fund” in your check memo line. This money will help defray cost of supplies, gas for transportation & groceries like snacks & cold breakfasts.

Are you and a friend available Tuesday morning May 8 to launder 10-12 loads of bedding (laundromat!) & deliver them + inflatable beds to the next host church in Bothell by 4pm? Please call Signe to volunteer.

Steve Johnson, Coordinator

Signe Roscoe, Volunteer Coordinator

Joe Huber, Back-up Coordinator