People of The WAY

In your daily Lenten prayers, please remember the 7 children and 3 adults who will be baptized and 21 adults who will affirm their baptism at the Easter Vigil on April 7, as well as their sponsors and catechists.  Check out the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall for pictures to go with the names below.

Candidates for Baptism
Luke Thompson, son of Paul and Sophie Thompson; Hudson Roberts, son of Jake and Julie Roberts; Enzo Malatesta, son of Adrian and Chasity Malatesta; Grant Kuipers and his mom, Benz; Eleanor Ferrer and her dad, Ryan; Mattea Dauria, daughter of Jessa and Colin Dauria; the expected son of Steve and Karen Snedker Pfaff; and Eric Bahna

Candidates for Affirmation of Baptism
Don and Jenn Boelter, Ann Van Camp, Wes Schapper, Doug Johnson, Dean and Ginger Harstad Glawe, Chasity and Adrian Malatesta, Camille McGee, Jasen Frelot, Hannah Hong, Scott Shiebler and Eric Liljegren and son Isaac, Zach Courter, Michael Trice, Jennifer Collins and daughter Brigid, Dave Kuipers, Jake and Julie Roberts, and Christine Liebsack