Pastor Piro to Take a Sabbatical

After many years of service to PRLC in various capacities, Pastor Piro will begin a three-month sabbatical after Easter.  A sabbatical is a period of time given to church professionals for the express purpose of rest and renewal.

Exact plans are not yet firm, but possibilities include travel to Sweden and the Baltic States (she would LOVE to see Rembrandt’s painting of the Prodigal Son at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg);  time with daughter Emily in St. Louis to help as she spearheads the first St. Louis Fringe Festival; time for creative arts like sewing and quilting; but mostly, Pastor Piro plans to enjoy her new role as Grammie to Taylor Rose, born last November.

Vicar Gina and Pastor Hoffman will cover Pastor Piro’s usual areas of ministry.  Pastor Piro is deeply grateful to this congregation and its leadership for the generosity that makes these periods of Sabbath rest possible for its pastors.