Food Bank Holiday Distributions Serve Hundreds This Year

Patrick Meagher, Minister of Outreach

As December turns to January, and the Christmas season draws to a close on Epiphany, we look back with sincere joy and gratitude for the success of our Food Bank Holiday programs.  For Christmas, we served 185 families representing 697 people.  Take a moment to picture that size of a group in your mind, and imagine the 697 stories of struggle and worry that led them to our Food Bank door.  We were organized and ready to help each of these people feel the warmth of God’s love in a tangible way this holiday season.  Thank you to all our volunteers who made this happen.

Here’s a specific note of gratitude from David Cress:

Jo-Ann and I must make note of the never before seen generosity of gift givers this year, as we were able to fulfill each and every gift bag from donations. We usually have to run to Fred Meyer on Sunday afternoon to “fill the gaps” between client families’ numbers and gifts donated, but this year we did not have to purchase a single gift!  Even in these continuing tough economic times when the demand for our client families is so great, the people of Phinney stepped up for those less fortunate to fulfill those needs.  How humbling it is to help lead this ongoing ministry to our neighbors in need!